How Social Bookmarking Can Be An Effective Marketing Tool In The UK

Online business owners in the UK, can use social bookmarking as a successful marketing tool. There are hundreds of bookmarking websites, that allow Internet users to bookmark their favorite websites, for other people to see. This can be a great marketing strategy for online stores, that are trying to draw traffic to their websites. The key is to find the most popular bookmarking websites, to promote their websites.

UK business owners can also use social bookmarking websites, to rank high in search engines. The more popular a website becomes, on a bookmarking website, the more traffic the online store can bring in. Bookmarking websites are a unique way to organize, share, search, and store public bookmarks. An advantage that many bookmarking websites feature is that Internet users can set their bookmarks to only be shown to a targeted audience.

Internet users that prowl the bookmarking websites, can look up information by tags, category, or chronologically. The bookmarks placed onto a website can be viewed from any computer that has Internet access. Bookmarking has an advantage over traditional search engines, that have spiders. The classification, and sorting of the webpages that are placed on bookmarking websites, are handled by humans.

This means that humans have more of an understanding of the content from each resource, unlike spider bots, which use electronic software to specify the meaning. Bookmarking websites usually have more useful web pages, with more quality content on them. Most websites are ranked, depending on the backlinks that are associated with them.

UK business owners, do not have to deal with that on social bookmarking websites. Bookmarking websites, also supply web feeds on a bookmarking list. These feeds will alert Internet users of any new bookmarks, that have been tagged, saved, and shared. Social bookmarking can also help UK website owners to export, or import their bookmarks, through their web browsers.

Bookmarks can also be emailed to clients and customers. Many bookmarking websites also feature social networking websites. The most democratic bookmarking websites, are Furl, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, SiteBar, Netvous, Thoof, Diggo,, and Newsvine. Bookmarking websites are a large part of search engine optimization strategies.

Placing a bookmark can bring in an inflow of backlinks. Bookmarking websites are also used by a much younger audience, which means that the bookmarking websites, will have large numbers of traffic. RSS feeds are one of the most effective ways to receive updates on new, and upcoming bookmarks.

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