What is Software Program Designed

CSI Express is a user-friendly software program designed for creating screen saver slide show programs – drag and drop full-screen images into the program that will install the images and run a slide show as the PC’s screen saver. The screen saver can be set to have special transition effects between screens such as dissolving image to image. The software also installs an icon in the programs folder that allows viewers to open and View the slide show while using the computer. Each slide can be assigned a title and have a web link that will launch a URL with a click of a button.

Includes a setup exe file to install the screen saver This program is excellent for creating business promotional items and gifts, trade show marketing handouts, and photograph slide shows for personal/business/resale applications. The software is very easy to use and operates by dragging and dropping image files into the slide show requiring no programming experience whatsoever! Simply scan, download, or capture digital images and then drag and drop the images into the CSI slide show project. The program will automatically compress the images and add them to the screen saver. Different compression rates can be set for each image allowing up to 15 full-screen images onto the floppy diskette. Each image can be assigned a title and URL address.

Once all the images are added to the screen saver project the program can be saved into a folder on the hard drive or onto the floppy diskette. The screen saver includes an install.exe file that will automatically set up the screen saver in the desktop and programs menu. The finished product can be viewed as a screen saver or as a slide show while using the PC. Special effects can be set in the control panel – display settings for transitions between images. Or on the toolbar that operates the slide show. While viewing the slide show viewers can browse through images, print slides, and connect to web addresses.

CD Business Cards provide a new and exciting way to deliver your message to your marketplace. The CD cards can display the traditional contact information on the face of the card and can contain 40MB of interactive presentation content that can be viewed on any work or home PC. Design We sell individual CD Business cards with plastic protective sleeves and perforated CD label paper as well as the PLAYERS Professional CD-ROM software which, is an ideal program for putting together an interactive multi-media presentation for the card *software includes auto-run features.

Creating a Cd-Rom / Cd Business Card

When the Players software is installed a ‘Players Projects’ folder gets created on your hard drive. This folder contains a set of CD Installation files and a folder for each project that has been created. As a presentation is designed all the program files and multi-media files get copied into each project folder. To create a CD-ROM copy the CD Installation files onto the CD root directory and copy one or more Players’ project folders onto the CD. When the CD-ROM is inserted into a computer the start.exe file will automatically launch.

The Players software requires to have the player viewer installed on the host computer. If the computer running the presentation does not have players installed it will automatically run the small and fast installation and automatically launch the presentation. The viewer only has to be installed once and can run any Players presentation after that. If one project folder is copied onto the CD-ROM then the presentation will automatically launch to the home page. If more than one project folder is copied onto the CD-ROM then the CD will open to a select project screen that will display the title for each presentation available on the CD. The user selects a project folder and clicks ‘RUN’ which will launch the presentation to the home page.

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