Canja and Magic Mushroom

Dishing out ginormous slices, you’ll fill up on the good stuff that won’t leave you in despair like a bad night at the bar.

Vegans and Vegetarians can get their veggie high with pies like the Canja and Magic Mushroom. If they’re feeling a little saucy, the Vegan Picante will get them fired up. Are you a no-go on yeasty dough? Try Gluten Free pies like corn-meal crusted Mexicali that features jalapeno peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro over mozzarella or the Sausalito that hosts roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese & mozzarella. Dairy Free foodies can have their slice and eat it too with a selection of cheese-free pies like the Vegan Vegetarian or they can request a pie to be made with Daiya vegan cheese that is also Soy Free.

The Fork & Knife Holy tomato, Batman. The ruby red boulders added some serious masculinity to my Vegan Vegetarian* slice ) that was bigger than my face. A thick, satisfying whole-wheat crust was the base of this bad boy that hosted caramelized onions, meaty mushrooms, and vibrant, heady broccoli. I didn’t miss the cheese but had to add some salt and crushed red pepper to give the organic garden a little more zing. Despite the size of the Big Triangle, I didn’t feel weighed down, but comfortably full without the greasy cheese hangover.

Plus, I’m pretty sure I met a whole day’s veggie quota in one slice. I The Scene Tucked between a wine bar and a movie theater on 2nd Avenue, this no-frills joint is great for slice-n-roll, but there are plenty of spots to chat and chow about the film you just saw next door. The fluorescent lighting will be sure to keep your movie date platonic, but if you want to take it to the next level, as I said before, there’s plenty of vino adjacent to the store.

The Dish Serving up comfort in cast iron skillets, S’mac does mac in a dozen different ways, touring the world in flavor. Want to elevate your taste? Try the Alpine with swiss slopes and slabs of bacon. Say “oui” to the Parisienne that blends brie, figs, shitake mushrooms, and rosemary. Or, stay close to home and go All American with its patriotic American and cheddar cheeses. Wherever you stick your fork, every mac can be modified to fit your diet.

Start salivating, my Gluten Free foodies. Brown rice elbows swim in an already wheat-free bangin’ bechamel sauce that’s topped with “breadcrumbs” made from Gluten Free cornflakes. So deliciously sly. Don’t do dairy? S’mac gets creative and uses coconut milk to re-create cheesy goodness on their Vegan menu that Dairy Free foodies can enjoy, too. Just a little bit intolerant? Ask for reduced lactose to get a little moo on your mac.

Egg Free foodies should stick to regular or gluten-free pasta. Steer clear of the multi-grain pasta (made with egg whites) as well as the cookies and brownies. Speaking of cookies, the Peanut Butter cookies are the only item with nuts sold at S’mac, so Nut Free foodies need not worry about their noodles. Tuna is the only attendee from the sea but is safely tucked away in cans, available as a mix-in ingredient only. Sumac is entirely Shellfish and Soy Free, too.

The Fork and Knife I’m a purist when it comes to mac n’ cheese. Strolling down memory lane, I ordered the All-American (a blend of American and cheddar cheeses) but decided to take a walk on the Gluten Free side with the brown rice elbows. Like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, I chose wisely. Arriving in a personalized cast iron skillet, the creamy concoction glistened in its ooey-gooey state. Not just a vehicle for slamming béchamel, the wheat-free elbows held their own weight, resembling the way I like my pasta: whole wheat did al dente. Every bite was like a nostalgic memory: rich, comforting, and unforgettable.

Taking a more adventurous route, my fellow Fearless Foodie navigated the cheesy seas and chose The Mediterranean. A spin on all things Greek, her cast iron skillet oozed goat cheese, sautéed spinach, kalamata olives, and roasted garlic. The sharp olive bite had me screaming “Opa!” Unlike the brown rice elbows, the regular macaroni melts in your mouth, allowing the ingredients to collide in creamy harmony. Scene Crowded! The line will be long, but you’ll be far from bored as you debate over your mac decision. Since this is the ultimate kiddo cuisine, you’ll most likely be competing with youngsters for a table. Let them win. If you need to attack your mac immediately, there’s a to-go counter just next door. I even do delivery if you want to carbo-load on your couch.