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Normally when someone hires an expert to make a website for himself, all that is in his mind is a good-looking website with content and images that can be seen and read by the intended visitors. But there is more to a website than just its design and this is what is referred to as web development. It includes all the work that is done at the backend and is meant to make the site functional on the internet.

Web Development Programming Languages

Web development is a task that is carried out by a developer who knows different computer and programming languages. These include CSS, HTML, XHTML, Pert, Flash, etc. This is only to point out the fact that web development is more technical than web designing though designing is itself a part of overall web development. Futuristic SEO is a company with a team of talented web developers who are there to handle all backend operations for hosting the website of the client over the internet.

Web Developers

Our web developers undertake a study of the needs of the client to start work on his website accordingly. While the designers work to make the website look attractive and navigable, our web developers work silently to make sure that the visitors to the website have a pleasant experience. They also take care of requirements on the server side. They are often dealing with Rich Internet Applications that are handled using the latest technologies like PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, ASP .Net, and so on.

E-commerce Website

E-commerce websiteFuturistic SEO is a name to reckon with in the world of eCommerce. We have helped hundreds of our clients to run E-commerce portals that are very popular among the masses as they are loaded with features and provide a very good user experience. Our developers have loads of experience in building from scratch online stores of different types. We also undertake projects for our clients who want changes in their E-commerce portals to make them smooth and easily navigable.

We take pride in providing the highest security features and a safe and secure payment gateway to allow for financial transactions that do not cause any mental worries for the customers. Our expertise in making E-commerce portals is of such a high standard that our old clients keep coming back to us for their new projects and also to introduce their friends to us. No matter what your requirements are, we are there to build from scratch online store of all hues and sizes in a quick time and at reasonable prices.

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