Is Microworkers legit?

Is Microworkers legit? In This In-depth Micro Workers Review, We Take a delve into Find Out If It’s Worth Your Time Doing Simple Tasks There are many ways to make a decent income online, and yet people still seem to chase pennies. I am not a big fan of micro jobs mainly because apart from the fact that you earn peanuts for doing mundane jobs, there are a few ethical issues that come with it which I will be mentioning. Netizens seem to have very mixed opinions when it comes to doing micro-jobs. A lot of people just think it’s all hogwash.

I would not dismiss them that easily. It’s not hard to see why they are so popular. They do actually appeal to a demographic of people who might be lacking advanced skills. Micro jobs are just what they say they are. If you hope to drive that cool car with your earnings from doing micro jobs, you are in for a big surprise. It will just not happen. Still, it’s not all darkness and gloom. People still do these kinds of jobs and I am sure some people can go day by day with the earnings they get from micro job sites. A dollar earned is a dollar earned. Way better than nothing.

What are Microworkers?

Founded in 2010 by Nhatvi Nguyen, the Microworkers platform is a website that enables you to complete small, quick online tasks for equally small payments. You can also request small jobs to be done for you. By small jobs, we are talking about tasks like watching YouTube videos, sharing on social media, leaving comments on a website, etc. These are jobs that don’t require any particular special skills to do.

How do Microworkers work?

Signing up with Microworkers is pretty straightforward. When you go to register you have to enter the usual details. Name, email, password verification, and all that good stuff. You will also need to enter a mailing address. The purpose of these is so that they can mail you a copy of your PIN. This is meant to deter people from creating multiple accounts. Before you can start you will need to complete a very simple admission test, which takes a couple of minutes.

You will receive an SMS with another PIN code through your mobile. Once you do that enter your pin codes and you are in business. Once you complete a job, you will need to upload a screenshot showing proof of completion. Your Microworkers dashboard gives you a list of jobs, success rate, payment rate, time to finish a job, and the number of jobs available. You also get to see the ones you’ve completed.

As a business, I would say they are legit. There however a few issues I have especially with clients. When you pay someone money to do an activity on your platform to give the impression that your content is active, that is just gaming the system. Microworkers lays out clear rules on what clients should and shouldn’t ask workers to do. But not everything is as it appears. It’s hard to filter everyone so the platform still has scammers disguised as marketers.

What is the point of just sharing a post that you don’t care about? Traffic and conversions should be able to happen within your platform organically. This can be achieved by implementing good SEO strategies. Black hat tactics that manipulate the way people land on your site can get you penalized. business as usual and it all comes down to willing buyers and willing sellers. Nothing wrong with that at all. People are just trying to get paid.

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