Shoot Better Webcam Video

Webcam video is popular and you’ll see it all over the web, especially in chat forums. However, most webcam footage is pretty low-quality. Here’s how to shoot better webcam video. Light your subjects well.
Provide enough light for everything to be seen, but not so much light that the colors start to bleed. Avoid fluorescent lighting, unless you want your video to look grainy and greenish. Sound is often poor-quality on webcam recordings, so do what you can to prevent external noise. Use an external microphone if you can, and place it close to your subject.

Try to have everyone in the video at approximately the same distance from the webcam. Avoid moving too quickly or changing distance from the webcam. Most webcams can’t focus on subjects moving in or out, nor can they compensate for quick motions. Don’t look at yourself on the computer screen while you’re recording. Find the point to focus on that makes it look like you’re looking directly at the viewer, and then mark that spot with a piece of tape. Focus on that mark all through recording. These ideas form some of the basics for how to shoot better webcam video.

YouTube Grant Program

YouTubeThe YouTube grant program for YouTube partners was announced in August 2010. This program is designed to help partner program members improve their video quality. The new program, called YouTube Partner Grants, sets up a $5 Million grant fund with the goal of leveling the playing field between the major production houses (who often have tons of resources for creating great video) and the lesser-known partners operating on a shoestring. Partner Grants is YouTube’s effort to demonstrate its true commitment to its community by spreading around some of the resources those partners have helped the site generate.

The funds provided by a YouTube Partner Grant can be used to pay for equipment, software, marketing, and advertising or talent for your project. Invitations to propose will be extended to specific partners chosen by YouTube; choices will be based on views, subscribers, growth rate, engagement, and expertise. Proposals will be judged on marketing plan quality, appeal, and cost-benefit ratio and the best proposals will receive grant awards. YouTube is using this program to show that they’re serious about giving back to their online community. The program will probably grow and expand over time. If you’re interested, become a partner, get some videos out there, and soon you may be eligible for this new YouTube grant program

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