My Impact on Instagram

Instagram is now an app that sees over 300 million daily users and 4.2Bn likes per day. It is now the largest photo-sharing community, having started in It displays a stream of images taken by those you follow in an ever-scrollable list. Users can comment or ‘like’ images/videos as well as share photos with others. Accounts can be created publicly or privately and hashtags are used to sort images as well as to gain exposure. It has changed the way businesses market themselves as well as elevated people’s lives in the eyes of many. It has helped to grow businesses large and small and deliver a platform for interest sharing and collaboration.

How I made an Impact on

I have used Instagram as an outlet for my photography since August 2013, through its growth and through the alterations made to Facebook’s algorithms too. I have never used it as a primary advertising platform, even though I worked full-time as a photographer for a good portion of that time period. That said, I now have over 87k followers on my primary photography account and 17k across other accounts.

Understanding your audience is a key factor in growing an account. It is important to appreciate a diverse number of contributing factors, and also the different ways people use the platform. Engagement rates are hard to manage as they will differ by individual people.

Through using it, I have learned many things about demographics, interests, and general behaviors. I’ve also used it effectively in my eyes, to grow exposure to my work, meet some great people, and share my work with many more. Instagram has changed the way people interact with photographic and video content. It has brought a sense of importance and immediacy to it, and in turn, negatively affected the need and desire for attractive content.

Graphic Design

To begin with, graphic designing is widely used within digital marketing, graphic design is also a very broad term that includes a variety of different things. For example, graphic design includes the following: designs of logos, print (magazine articles, brochures, leaflets, editing and creating videos, illustrations, guerrilla campaigns, and many more! So all of the things listed can be considered graphic design.

Most Digital Marketing

Most digital marketing companies will have needed assistance from a graphic designer because every company needs a logo and brand where they can be recognized and remembered. So one of the things I listed under graphic designing was guerrilla campaigns which are designed, which are designs to grab someone’s attention and are portrayed publicly to have more of a wider impact.

An example of a guerrilla campaign would be designed around London underground stations. When the movie came out, (which is a film about the world ending and natural disasters) in London bridge station there was a massive design of water coming into the stations from the walls, to give the illusion that the London bridge station was becoming over flooded with water. So in other words a guerrilla campaign publicly advertises a brand or product in a big way in order to grab your attention. Guerrilla campaigns are usually creative and unique, not just your average poster on a wall!

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