Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Google

How I came to work at Google in digital marketing Near the end of my time in sixth form, everyone was fretting about which University would accept them while I still questioned whether university was right for me. I decided to find a job that would help me learn instead. I then thought of digital marketing. Through research, I came across apprenticeships and the next thing you know I’m being interviewed for The Guardian and Google for doing a digital marketing apprenticeship. After a month’s period of interviews. I was offered both jobs.

My first choice was Google and that’s where I’m working now. I work in the Agency team on the performance side. I’m responsible for online and offline digital marketing campaigns. I utilize a number of industry-leading analytical and performance monitoring tools.

What do I do at Google?

As well as prioritizing performance-based projects, I also have other responsibilities. I’ve designed a website to host all Agency events, which help train our agencies. I ran mobile surveys to see how well our agency’s mobile sites are performing. I manage a Google UK Twitter account. providing inspiration to make the web work for businesses.

I supported event facilitation and delivery for Google’s big events. I manage the Agency’s team query form. where I answer people’s issues on YouTube marketing. Would I recommend apprenticeships? YES, My time here at Google is nearly up and it has been the best experience I could have wished for. For anyone who enjoys working. I would definitely recommend getting onto an apprenticeship.

My Advice

Always smile and be on the ball with work. Show your team you are passionate and want to help as much as you can. Make sure you get to know everyone around you. whether that’s at meetings or just working with your team. Be aware of your limits and what you need to improve on. Are you ready for a digital marketing apprenticeship? If so, head over to the Arch Apprentice website now.

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