Google Pigeon Algorithm

The Pigeon was introduced for better results on location-based queries. It is related to Google My Business listings. As the hummingbird algorithm gives the results on local search queries, It modifies those results and provides more relevant and useful results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking results and also give the best or nearby results to the users related to queries.

It refines or accuratelyifies the Google My Business listing. It provides more relevant and accurate local search results on Google My Business. Pigeon monitors and decides the ranking of businesses on GMB based on their nearest availability from where a user searches his query and provides the top ranking.
This algorithm keeps improving its location-based ranking parameters.
It uses GPS on both sides to show results.

Google Mobile

Google Mobile is also known as “Mobilegeddon”. It was introduced by Google algorithms in 2015 when most users started preferring mobiles as compared to desktops or laptops and as there was a cultural shift towards mobiles Google decided to give convenience to mobile users for this Google released a new mobile-friendly algorithm known as “Google Mobile”, which is designed to give increment to mobile-friendly pages in google mobile search result.

It ensures that the mobile-friendly pages rank on the top of mobile Google’s SERP while those pages that are not AMP’s(Accelerated Mobile Pages) will fall from the mobile SERP.
Google provides more priority to those pages that are mobile-friendly.
To make a website mobile-friendly, optimize the website regularly, and make changes accordingly, by the help tools present online.

Rank Brain

Rank Brain Algorithm is a part of the hummingbird algorithm as it also works on queries of users. It is the third most important ranking factor of Google. Google rank brain algorithm depends on two factors:-

  1. Dual time.
  2. CTR (Click-through rate).

Google checks the dual time & average CTR of websites to improve or modify the rankings on SERP. If websites have good dual time and also have good CTR, then Google improves their ranking and gives better rankings to them on SERP.

Dual Time

Dual time is the time spent by users or visitors on a particular website. It is the time between the entry and exit of a visitor from the website.

How to Improve Dual-Time

To improve dual time, content should be lengthy and attractive. It means the content written on the website should be lengthy like more than 800 words and contains pictures, infographics, kind of things that should be used.


Click-through rate is the percent of clicks on impressions. It is the ratio of users who click on a particular link to the total user’s impression on that link, where impressions are the views of users on a link.

How to Improve CTR

To improve click-through rate you have to focus on the title and description. The title and description of a website should be attractive and relevant to the niche of the website because on SERP your website will be judged by users based on your website’s first impression that is title and description.

The possum algorithm was introduced by Google algorithms to improve local search results on Google My Business listing. Before possum, It was normal for multiple businesses sharing affiliation (same Google category and located within an equivalent building) to seem within the same local finder result. Like, it showed the results according to the location of the business in a particular building.

When Possum came it was categorized into two factors:
After Possum, Google filtered out many of these affiliated listings at the automatic zoom level of Google Maps. Now, Google might show just one or two at the location instead of all of them.
Businesses beyond cities or borders to move up the ranking. When Possum was not coming, the local search listing showed only the results for the local business, it will not show the results beyond the border but after Possum came, if you search for any business in Delhi for Ghaziabad it will show the results, it means you will search for businesses beyond the border..

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