Exclusive Insider’s Tips for Travelers from the Perspective of a Couple

For couples travelling to it can seem like endless sightseeing and shopping are the only activities to do. However, we ask a young, easy-going couple, Ang Xue Ling and Ang Zan Yu, what are some of the unique and interesting things they enjoy doing as a couple. The variety of answers that they gave was not at all expected, and surprisingly fresh! Can you share with us some of your favourite places to go for Lunch or Dinner? If we’re feeling more casual, we’ll go to the Kopitiam food courts for value-for-money food or V8 at Bugis Junction. ‘Fish n Co’ at Suntec offers a great ambience, cosy yet not too formal, and their fish and chips are suitable for lunch. We always share because the portions are so generous! ‘Itacho Sushi’ at Plaza has great Japanese food, perfect for lunch, albeit a little expensive. ‘Buddy Hoagies’ at Khatib Central is a good place for dinner. for good Western food at a very good price, for both lunch and dinner. Try to go early though; they are immensely popular and the queues are often unbelievably long.

If You Had an Afternoon to Kill as a Couple, Where Would You Go? What Would You Do?

It depends on our mood. Fishing at Seletar Reservoir is a nice way to spend the afternoon. If we’re looking for a little outdoor activity, we would go trekking along the Southern Island Ridges at Henderson Waves to enjoy a little peace and tranquillity. If we want to people-watch together and laze the afternoon away, Toast Box at *scape is a good place to kill the afternoon. Can you share some romantic or interesting activities to do that you enjoy as a couple? Pulau bingoing to the Botanic Gardens and having a little picnic on the grass is something a little more different than the usual stay-in and dine, or you can take a walk or cycle along East Coast Park in the evenings. It has a very lovely sea breeze and a break from the heat during the day. You can also pitch a tent and go star-gazing there. Taking a stroll along Marina Bay Sands at night is nice because of the light shows. Cycling at Pulau Ubin(picture) is nice, just remember to bring mosquito repellant. Nightwalkers at MacRitchie Reservoir Park are also refreshing.

What, in Your Opinion, Are Good Places to Go with Friends for a Night Out?

KBox (a local Brand of Karaoke) is a popular activity with us when we’re hanging out in a big group; it’s a wonderfully relaxing yet fun environment where everyone sings together and enjoys each other’s company. Playnation at Prinsep Street is great, and so is Kinect at the Iluma shopping centre. Paintball and Laser Tag are very fun games for large groups.

Can You Share Some Helpful Travel Tips with Travellers Coming To?

Always have a pocket umbrella wherever you go; it is not uncommon to have temperamental storms one moment and baking sunshine the next. It can be very frustrating if you’re not prepared for it. Also, get used to Singlish, it helps when you go to bargain places or hawker centres, where the crowd is more relaxed and very little standard English is used. For transport, it is more worth your money to get a standard ticket card (green pass) than a Tourist pass. Dressing-wise, pack for a really hot summer but have a cardigan or jacket on hand to battle the shopping centre air-conditioners, which can hit below 15 degrees sometimes. Jeans are also useful; they’re practically a uniform here.

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