Player’s Presentation Software

Player’s presentation software is used specifically for kicking applications (public access terminals, points of information, and points of sale). The Players kiosk software offers 100% presentation design flexibility using images, video, text, audio, animation, Internet, and customized web browsers and includes design tools that enhance the look and interactivity of the presentation.

Players Software Includes Built-In Actions Used For:

• Automatic Phone Dialing

• Secure Web Browsing/e-mailing

• Ticket and Coupon printing

• User statistics recording

• Credit Card / Smart Card Integration

• On-screen keyboards

• Remote Updating

• Kiosk Management Tools

Internet E-Commerce

The software has been tried, tested, and proven and is currently running a large network of virtual information Centers throughout British Columbia and several other independent projects (real estate, museums, and shopping malls). Set up a kiosk in a matter of days instead of months saving you the costs of expensive programming and software development. The Players Kiosk software can be used for virtually any type of kiosk application and requires no programming knowledge.

PLAYERS Kiosk software includes standard on-screen keyboard templates and gives you the power to create your own custom-designed on-screen keyboards. The software allows you to add an embedded web browser onto a presentation page that can have small images of the keyboard keys that will operate like a standard keyboard. Use the keyboard to offer online surfing and interactive websites that require users’ input. The on-screen keyboard tool opens up endless opportunities for Internet e-commerce, paid web browsing/e-mailing, and website surfing within a secure and reliable browser.

PLAYERS have incorporated innovative remote updating and kiosk management software that allows you to manage and update content from a centralized source via the Internet. Remotely manage an infinite number of kiosks in remote locations (info centers, shopping malls, etc..) resulting in huge cost savings. This software alone has made the kiosk industry viable. Simply install the remote pc software on the kiosk system and then gain instant access from anywhere in the world with any Internet connection. Transfer and receive files (unlimited size) from each kiosk and instantly update and maintain presentation content and user statistics.

PLAYERS includes a user activity and usage database that records every user action and navigation throughout the presentation. See how many times a page has been opened, how long each page has been visited, and what hotlinks were selected (how many coupons have been printed, phone calls, etc….) The statistics program also has a questionnaire and survey form that can be linked within a presentation that prompts users to answer multiple-choice and on-screen keyboard text questions. This information is also included in the statistics database.

Automatically Dial Phone

PLAYERS includes easy link actions that will automatically dial phone numbers, print coupons, and open websites, and has the potential to interact with smart card/ credit card transaction software. Simply hook up a phone to any standard dial-up modem and link a hot spot to dial a phone number. Assign hot spots to send files to the printer that will automatically print receipts, coupons, maps, and information. Smart Cards / Credit Card readers can be used for a wide variety of applications such as paid web browsing, emailing, postcards, product purchasing, and loyalty programs.

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