20 Second Pitch

Call us old-fashioned, but we believe you deserve value for money. If you’ve ever used an SEO company before you’ll know that most of the industry requires a 12-month tie-in period. Once you sign on the dotted line, that fairly scary £850 monthly retainer they ask for is suddenly a terrifying commitment of £10,000. And the reason so many agencies require a tie-in period? To avoid accountability. SEO is not an easy skill and a tie-in period allows providers to avoid any financial loss should they fail to deliver on their promises. Campaigns can fail because providers have poorly thought-out strategies, use the wrong methods, or simply don’t commit enough resources. But once you’ve signed, even if your website stays on the 100th page of Google for a full year, you’re still committed to paying them their retainer, every month, until the contract expires.

The SEOmaster’s Way of Doing Things:

Our company is built on a strong reputation of delivering value for money and we don’t believe in hiding behind contracts. That’s why we don’t have any kind of annual/monthly tie-ins. If you ever feel that you are not getting value for money, you can walk away and find another provider. What’s more, if you do, we will refund you your last monthly payment to us, no questions asked.No tie-in period, you can leave at any time and we’ll refund your last payment if you do. That’s the kind of offer you’ll only get from a provider who exceeds the expectations of its customers time after time.


Certain aspects of SEO can be quite difficult to understand, however, the basic rules of tapping into new channels of traffic still apply. If the structure of a website could be realigned or improved in any way, then these technical considerations need to be taken seriously and it will require resources to implement these changes. Changes to the structure of a website will generally improve the site visitor’s experience. This technique will have a positive knock on effect Google and other search engines, this, in turn, will improve your search engine visibility and your site visitor’s experience.

An interesting point worth considering is that web developers used to lead online marketing efforts, however, their role has now become more involved with tying systems together and making the management and updating of websites easier. We now have web developers being led by online marketing experts who are purely focused on generating highly relevant traffic that eventually converts into revenue.

As a website owner, it is important to understand this to get the best from the people you work with.SEO Masters will make certain a website is not ignoring important search engine traffic; we also ensure that our website content managers are also considering this traffic. Once these principles are understood we then focus on providing advanced SEO and conversion-focused recommendations that will give your website a competitive advantage. Even if every other aspect has been considered and the products or services are extremely competitive, these technical tweaks and advanced improvements that we provide can be the difference between success and failure for your website.

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