SEO For Small And Local Businesses

It is erroneous to think that a small business with no website or one whose website cannot be found near the first page of a Google search can compete effectively in today’s technology driven world. There are over one trillion websites worldwide. The majority of all search queries are for products and services provided by local business to meet immediate needs. Some estimate that 97% of American consumers use the internet to find what they seek A search engine’s mission is to return relevant information when queried. There has never been a greater need for local and small business SEO.

For over 100 years phone books and yellow pages directories with businesses listed alphabetically by category was the primary source for finding a business. Paper phone books are virtually obsolete due to the internet. The internet’s growth is directly linked to devices like I phones, I pads, smart cell phones and other devices. These devices are changing the way consumers interact with small and local businesses. Ecommerce is being replaced by Mcommerse (Mobil or Mobi). In 2011, 38% of all internet searches were conducted with a cell phone. Cell phone internet searches will exceed desktop internet surfing by 2014. Of consumers who search for products or services using a cell phone, 70% make a purchase, scheduled an appointment, or take some form of action within one hour of the call. Mcommerce will only intensify local business competition.

Think about the last time you purchased anything but a day to day item. Did you use a phone book to find what you were looking for? Did you surf the net at home or the office? Did you search for it using your phone? How many websites did you visit to find the best price or location? When in route to the business did you use your phone to download a map or get directions? Did you text anyone about the item before or after you purchased it? Did you take a picture of it with your phone and email it so someone?

This is Mcommerce and the Mcommerce Paradigm is tantamount to replacing a lantern lit room with electric light bulbs. This is the future, and like it or not, it is the way business will be done from now on. Some consumers will tell you that your website’s page ranking lends creditability to your firm. If so, having your website on the first page of the major search engines can be the basis of trust with your prospective customer. If you own a small, local business and your website is not near the top of the first page of the important search engines it is the same as if you were illuminating your workplace with lanterns.

It is not our intention to get your website on the first page of the search engines – it is our intention to help you get more customers using several marketing methods which include being on the first page. On average it takes about two to three months to get your website on the first or second page of the top major search engines depending on the keywords and key phrases and the completion for those words. Naturally a keyword with 50,000 competing websites will bubble up more rapidly than one with ten million. We take a holistic approach to local and small business SEO to help brand your business in your niche; and market, and sell your products or services to your prospective customers.

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