Organic Search Engine Optimization

Here are the steps taken in a typical SEO Page 1 Search Engine Optimization project:

Your Inquiry – It all begins when you contact SEO Page 1, requesting pricing for us to optimize your site for search. You can request a quote by clicking the “Get a Quote” button (to the left). In order to provide a proposal, we need to know your website address(es) as well as whatever keywords are important to you.

SEO Proposal / Pricing – Once we receive your inquiry, we analyze your site and send your SEO proposal within 24 hours. The proposal will contain pricing and terms and consists of two main sections: 1. Initial Optimization. 2. SEO Monthly Maintenance.

Proposal Acceptance – Once you’ve reviewed and accepted our SEO proposal, you simply sign and fax or scan and email the signed proposal back to us. We will then send you the SEO commencement invoice.

SEO Commencement Invoice – The commencement invoice is sent and can be paid securely online, through our online merchant account. We accept Visa or MasterCard. You can also mail a check or call your payment over the phone. If you require payment via Amex, we can accommodate you securely through PayPal.

Keyword Research – We study your site, along with current search trends, to discover the best keywords to focus on.

Baseline Report – Once we’ve finalized your keyword list, we perform an initial search performance report. This report serves as a baseline – a starting point to be able to measure our progress.

Website Access Granted – Before optimization can begin, we must be granted access to your website in order to make the needed changes. We usually require FTP access (username and password). We also have extensive experience coordinating our efforts with web designers and various other team members who all have a stake in the direction and ownership of a website.

Code Optimization – We optimize the code of your site, based upon your keyword list, your target audience, and your locations served.

SEO Completion Invoice – The second half of the project total is invoiced.

SEO Monthly Maintenance – We continually update the code of your site, responding to search trends, the performance of your site as reflected in your search performance reports, as well as any changes that you make to your site.

Search Performance Reports – Our search performance reports track how your site is ranking on Google, Yahoo, and MSN / Live for your target keyword list.

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