How long before we see results Our clients typically see results within 2-4 weeks of their initial optimization. It generally takes between 3-6 months to reach peak search performance via our SEO Monthly Maintenance service.

When you Optimize a Site, what Changes do you Make?

We optimize everything that we can on a site, without impacting the end-user experience. We do not redesign sites, re-author content, or get involved in web design. We focus solely on optimizing your code. We will address your title tags, alt tags, header titles, paragraph titles, meta tag descriptions, and keywords. There are other things that we do, that if we revealed, our competitors would leverage.

How many keywords do you focus on per page?

A primary focus of two to four keywords per page is optimal. These keywords must be relevant to the content of the page. Once we have established an agreed-upon list of keywords with a client, we identify which keywords will be the focal point for each page of your site. For example, if you have a 10-page website, you can safely figure that an optimal list of target keywords would be in the range of 20-40. It is this keyword list that we will monitor search performance progress against with our Search Performance Reports.

Can you Optimize a Dynamic Website?

Yes. We have experience working with database-driven sites, including PHP, ASP, and ColdFusion code. We are a web design firm and would like to provide SEO services to our clients. Do you provide Private Label SEO services? Yes, we provide this service for several web design, marketing, and Search Engine Optimization companies across the country. We do the work behind the scenes, allowing you to maintain your client relationships. This provides you with additional services and sources of revenue. We can even brand our search performance reports under your company name. We also have a niche website devoted to this topic –

Can you Get me to Page 1 on Google?

No one can guarantee a page one organic search result on Google, Yahoo, etc. Choosing the right SEO company is much like choosing an investment advisor. A quality investment advisor will never guarantee a certain return, but they will have a verifiable track record.

That’s why we provide a list of hundreds of our latest search results. This allows you to see what we have attained for our clients. Although this list of results takes time and effort to maintain, it is the most convincing argument we can make as to why you should choose AdvanceMentality for your SEO needs. Ask yourself why other SEO firms don’t provide a list of results – perhaps because they can’t point to any?

Who are Your Clients?

Our Latest Search Results list contains our clients’ web addresses in the URL column. NOTE: You will see hundreds of results for These are for an array of sites that we’ve optimized on a private-label basis. These are for other design, marketing, and even other SEO firms – where we have performed the actual SEO of their client pages. To learn more about our Private Label SEO services, visit our microsite at

Do you perform web design?

We focus on optimizing sites that are already constructed. If you make changes to your site or add new pages, we can include the optimization of new/revised pages as part of your monthly maintenance agreement. If you have a new site currently under development, we recommend that you engage our services once the site is built.

Can you optimize a website inside of a frameset?

We can if we have to. For best results, we always recommend that you first re-engineer the website in order to break it out of the frameset before we optimize. We can recommend competent web designers that can convert your site from a frameset if necessary.

Do you provide link-building services?

No. Link buying/building is no longer effective, due to spamming and abuse. We would counter that link building hasn’t been effective for years. Our list of thousands of page 1 results was attained by optimizing the code of the actual sites themselves, not by resorting to questionable link-building practices. Google is actively going after link buying, as noted by Matt Cutts. We have always strained against the ever-growing Link Buying chorus out there, stating that you should focus on the content and optimization of your own site rather than trying to manipulate Google by buying links. Frankly, our time and your money is better spent focusing on your own site, rather than being drained by Link farming.

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