Traveling with Your Smartphone

Today having a smartphone is considered important in our life. As a smartphone is provided with apps, it can act as a guidebook, map, dictionary, and laptop at one time. And this is why traveling with your smartphone in hand is a wise idea. Let’s see some tips on traveling with your smartphone.

Preparing Your Smartphone for Travel

No matter what smartphone you use, always prepare it prior to your traveling time. Prepare the smartphone itself and related accessories such as a universal worldwide travel charger. You can plan to rely on local Wifi and voice packages as this will doubtless save tons of cash since data roaming will be really expensive. Turn off automatic updates and reset your usage statistics thus you can track how much you use when you are traveling. Don’t forget to try any useful feature in your smartphone including “airplane mode” which you need during the flight. Install apps that can be useful during your journeys such as Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Purchasing Local Data Plan

Purchasing a local data plan together with a SIM card can significantly reduce the cost of using your smartphone abroad and gives you a good higher cost saving. Data costs vary from country to country as some countries could supply comparably cheaper data than your home country and vice versa.

Turn the Smartphone into Your Personal Hotspot

You can turn your smartphone into your movable modem that connects computers from iPhone 3GS and cellular broadband network but only with the proper service setup. iPhone 3GS was limited to USB and Bluetooth while iPhone 4 and later can flip themselves into a Wi-Fi router. This service used to be out there solely for an additional fee irrespective of the carrier.

Save Your Documents on Smartphone

Take a photograph of your passport, credit cards, and other travel documents so you have a digital backup in case these things are lost or stolen. Email or text that data to your emergency contact person at home and to your traveling agencies/companion.

Save Data of Important Places

Take a photo of your hotel before taking a walk or cab ride including any signage that indicates where it is and its name. It is really important if in a foreign land where you cannot the language. Besides that, you can save your location using Maps or record your previous location using check-in apps such as Foursquare. By doing this you are able to track your journey, important places/landmarks, and your destinations. Boost your pleasure while traveling by optimizing the features of your smartphone!

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