Social Media in Business

Social media has become an essential tool for all businesses big and small or when creating your own personal branding. Whether you are selling a product or connecting to customers and other businesses, there is a certain etiquette that you should follow. It is critical that you conduct yourself in a certain way that reflects well for the whole business or yourself. By understanding these guidelines you should be able to create an online presence that’s both good for the business and also good for readers!

Make sure that if you want to start using social media, you carry on using it and keep it consistent. Your followers will want to see regular activity on your page or they will lose interest, thus losing sales. If you are a business you will need to decide how much time and resources should be put into your social media, will you need a whole team or just one person? Being active at the right time can also help. Using analytics you can establish when your followers are most active on social media and post during those time frames, this will increase the likelihood of it being seen. Which also means more sales and more engagement!

Another part of being active is to make sure that all of your details are fully completed. Don’t leave your ‘About’ section empty, this can look robotic or boring. As well as unprofessional. Being dull and boring will only bring you dull and boring results. Having a personality in your social media will attract viewers to your posts and with views comes more sales and customers. Being a robot and only posting about your products in an unexciting way will make you blend in with the advertisements that nobody wants to see.

When it comes to social media, you only get what you put in, don’t isolate yourself, and take part in events and discussions. You may even find that this opens up new business opportunities for you. Here is a video, showing some of the Do’s and Don’t of Social Media in business. Not being a robot when it comes to customer service is also very important. Great customer service can make or break a company. Reply to messages individually instead of treating them like a conveyor belt. Having good spelling and grammar in any kind of work is very important. Make sure that you always check and then double-check before clicking send. Although you may think that social media is some hip new thing for the younger generation, this is not true, stay away from text speech.

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