The Power to Create Your Own Professional Interactive Cd-Rom Presentation

PLAYERS Professional is a fun and easy-to-use software program designed for creating interactive multimedia presentations. Simply Point – Click – and Link together all forms of multi-media content into a presentation that can burn onto an (auto-run) CD-ROM or can be used to deliver powerful presentations from the PC. Anyone, from the average computer user to the professional graphics designer, can create any type of presentation ranging from a simple photo (CD) album to a professional interactive internet-enabled multi-media CD-ROM presentation.

The Tool Bar: To add content to a page simply select a tool (ex. Add Image) on the toolbar and link the appropriate media file (ex. gif, jpg). After the media file has been selected it will appear on the page (ex. Image) which can be relocated and re-sized with the mouse. Select the object and open the properties window to edit the properties or link an action to the object. Special design tools are available on the toolbar and menu such as the embedded web browser, when mouse over/down, change player action, and Picture in Picture which can be used to enhance the presentation design and add life to the page.

Players Professional is designed to manage an unlimited amount of ongoing projects at one time. Each project begins with a home page, which will be the first page that the program will open to when run. Create new pages and hotspots that will link directly to any page within the presentation. Almost all of the presentation design will be created using the mouse linking multi-media content onto the page by selecting a tool (ex. add video) and linking the appropriate multi-media file. The program consists of four key components: the presentation map, properties window, toolbar, and the open pages displayed in design mode.

Players Presentation Map

The presentation map displays the title of each page within the presentation. When a new page is created the user determines the location where he/she wishes to save the page (under the home page or as a subfolder) which helps maintain the structure and organization of the project. The exact same folder structure is created on the hard drive automatically, which contains the program files and multi-media files for each page – excellent for file management and file referencing.

Players Properties Window

The properties window displays the properties and actions for the item that is highlighted with the mouse ex. select the image to edit image properties. If an object is selected (ex. image) the properties window will change and display the properties for that object and can be edited. Such properties include the width/height of the object, position, color, file path, and other special properties such as when mouse over/down. The properties window also has a link tab that allows you to set an action to the object that is selected Such actions include Open Page, Opening an Image, Play Video, Play Music, Launching web site, sending E-mails, printing files, etc.

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