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So you’ve totally decided to get a website, congratulations! It’s the best decision you could have made for your online venture! Now here’s what you’re going to need to get together before embarking on the exciting journey of owning your very own piece of web property:

Whether it be for your business, freelance project, or blog you are going to need to select an ideal name for your web address. Your URL or web address works the same as your postal or street address for your home or business. It’s the one thing that tells your website, visitors, where they can find you or your content. They can use it to share it with their friends, family, or colleagues or they can bookmark it for easier access later. We call this web address a domain name. There are various domain name extensions out there and some are very much location specific like being for websites, f If you are looking at something more commercial that isn’t particularly tied to a country, you always have the freedom to choose an internationally recognized extension such as a

Most domains are already taken and the chances are that if you’re looking at getting a generic domain eg, TheFlowerStore, it will without a doubt have been snapped up by someone else as domains are only available on a first come first serve basis. With the release of the brand new extension, the window for opportunity has just become bigger than ever before as there are now more names available for you to choose from. Write down several ideas and variations as to what you would like your domain name to be. For the benefit of ranking well in search engines, keep in mind that having keywords related to what your site is about included in your name will add more weight to the relevance of your site. One of your chosen names – if not all – might just be available for you to seize!

Choose an Affordable Hosting Company

Hosting is essential. If you don’t have hosting, your website won’t appear on the internet. Hosting is pretty much like renting living space for your site, except that it’s not actually costly at all! Hosting is in fact probably one of the most affordable components you can have for your website. Different hosting companies offer hosting at assorted costs and often have various packages in place. Pricing usually varies depending on the functionality or size of one’s site as well as the added extras a web host might throw in. Also keep in mind that a web host’s reputation with search engines will also affect the way people will find you in Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If a majority of the hosts’ sites are blacklisted in Google, or predominantly have spammy websites, your site will most probably not fare very well when potential visitors are searching for you.

Prepare your information

Content is what makes or breaks the popularity of your website and is what ultimately defines what your site is about. Without any information, your web designer won’t have anything to work with. Ensure that your composed information about your products or services is well-written pieces that are easy to read and explanatory. It’s often best to invest in a content writer as quality, enlightening, and well-written content will certainly not only rank well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing but also leave your site a traffic magnet with visitor approval. We are once again happy to announce the launch of our new and improved website (this seems to have become an annual tendency). In comparison with the previous version, this one is more visually appealing and contains interactive social elements. But before I go into that, allow me to introduce myself.

Search Engines Such as Google, Yahoo

My name is Joanne and I have been at Bay Point Trading for just over four years now. I am in charge of the SEO developments here and am also hands-on with all the organic SEO work that needs to be taken care of. I have a passion for writing, web development, and SEO, and also enjoy mixed martial arts as a sport and running several blogs as a hobby. So with social networks being the new black, it’s about time we integrated our very own social media with our own site. As my clients are aware, things do get a bit wild and busy over here at Bay Point, but I will however try my utmost to keep Bay Point Trading’s site updated with the latest social networking and search engine-related trends along with some humor here and there to brighten up our working days.

I believe that the more our clients know about the mechanics behind search engines, the easier the two-way preparation process between the client and the SEO becomes. My name is Joanne and I do all the search engine optimization-related work here at Bay Point Trading. I’ve been at the company for just over four years now and have been getting more and more involved with Bay Point Trading’s actual website. I always try and find the best ways, whether it be through research, studying, or simply just interacting with other industry professionals to improve not only our own visibility in the search engines but also of course, that of our clients.

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