Top Short Mod Hairstyles

Short hairstyles look graceful on both men and women and are high in demand these days. Most of men and women prefer going for short hairstyles, because of the less time and effort involved in taking care of them. Among short hairstyles, mods are quite trendy these days. Short mod hairstyles are characterized by angular and blunt cuts, often known as geometric hairstyles. There are quite a few types of short-mod hairstyles, which have been discussed hereunder.

Different Types of Short-Mod Hairstyles

Bob’s hairstyle is the most preferred short mod hairstyle, which has been always high in demand since the 1960s. Bob’s hairstyle works well with both medium-length and short hair, but when talking about mod hairstyles, a short bob is the perfect hairstyle. The hair is cut at some angle slightly above or only till jaw length. Straight bangs are allowed to hang on the sides to enhance the look of the hairstyle.

Bowl Cut

Another trendy mod hairstyle is the bowl cut, which is preferred by both women and men. In the case of a mod bowl cut, the hair is cut to the jaw level. The thick and long bangs are brought in front of the head on the forehead and properly brushed before being taken at the back and given a smooth cut in line with the rest of the hair.

Five Point Hair Cut

As the name implies, a five-point haircut has five angles. The hairstyle has long bangs on both sides, which are quite blunt, and produce a slight curve in the form of two points. The hair is cut slightly above the ears, producing two points. The fifth point is created at the neck. This iconic mod hairstyle is the preferred one among celebrities.

Twiggy Hair Style

This is another trendy mod hairstyle, preferred by youngsters. This is an extremely short hairstyle that is cut at the neck’s back to a specific point. A partition is created in the hair on one of the sides, the hair is settled with the help of a hair gel and then worn in a neat way after tucking them behind the ears.

French Crop

The French crop is quite popular among men, in which the hair is cut in the form of layers of only one or two inches all over the head. In this hairstyle, a few hair strands are feathered in the front to give a good style.

Fringe Cut

In the case of a fringe cut, the hair is cut in such a way that around 75% of the forehead is covered.

Layered Hair Style

Women basically prefer to go for layered short mod hairstyles. Layers in the hair help in enhancing the look, beauty, and texture of the hairstyle.
All the aforementioned short-mod hairstyles are quite trendy and are very easy to handle and manage. They are the demand of today’s busy and modern lifestyle. With a little bit of regular hair care, you would be able to maintain the beauty of your hairstyle.

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