Search Engine Optimisation Training How Do Search Engines Rank Pages?

The pathway to search engine optimization training is really quite simple, well the first part is anyway. The first simply involves learning to look at web pages, in the same way, the search engines do, once you start doing this you are 50% of the way to on-page optimization.

On-Page Optimization

I know I say this over and over again but people never seem to grasp it and that is “search engines do not rank sites, they rank pages”. Putting this into perspective it means you should not try to cram as many keywords as possible on the main page of your site. You should aim to dominate a particular keyword or keyphrase on one page, that’s right 1 keyword optimization per page. What? Did you say that will take forever? Yup and that is search engine optimization for you, time-consuming work.

keyword Optimization Per Page

As long as you get your keywords in the long domain name it will boost the relevance of your page and show you closer to the top of the SERPs.I get involved in a lot of chat rooms and forums and I am amazed at how many people there are that do not understand why their sites are not sitting on the first page of Google. You have a quick look at the site for them and it is loaded with graphics and JavaScript dynamics, they never knew that search engines simply do not read the content within these graphics which are perfect for louring in the visitors but poor for search engine optimization purposes. As you can see search engines can now identify your targeted keywords and increase your page relevancy.

The same problem as above occurs with JavaScript also however there is not an easy solution for this. Just try and keep any script space to a minimum as it adds no value in SEO terms. Another good practice when optimizing your pages is not to overload your HEAD tag with scripts and styles. This is because most search engine spiders have a limit on loading pages. For example, the Googlebot spider will not read more than 100KB of your page even though it is instructed to look anywhere on your page where keywords are. By overloading your header you could be causing Google to miss out on keyword-rich content.

Keep in mind whenever you are writing either in text or code, a spider which at the end of the day is a computer program, must be able to guess from your content what your page is about. Treat it like a baby, but keep the content natural.

Just round everything off a good way of looking at your keywords is in terms of frequency and proximity. If your targeting the word “search engine optimization training” these will all need to be dominant keywords within your content. However a topic we will discuss in a lot of detail is inbound links. This also helps the spider work out the relevancy of your page.

This is a very basic set of tutorials I have gone through about how search engines work. However, for anyone who needs training in search engine optimization, it is a good start and many of the principles I have gone through should be kept in mind throughout the whole optimization process. If you missed any of the previous tutorials see the sidebar. Hope you stay with the site through the whole SEO training program, or if you do not have the time I am happy to work with you and your online business.

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