Google Seo – Using The Google Keyword Tool For Search Engine Optimization

In the last tutorial I spoke about the kind of keywords we should be looking to target, in this tutorial I really want to focus on google SEO or should I say using the google keyword tool to enhance your search engine optimization efforts. Now many may disagree with me here but ever since google has started to display traffic figures in their keyword results, there has been no better tool as far as I am concerned for picking keywords. The google keyword tool always used to be helpful when dealing with AdWords campaigns but now I feel it is as good a tool as any for general SEO work and discovering different variations of keywords.

So This is How I use The Google keyword Tool to Implement Google SEO;

The first part is identifying those all-important general keywords, these will be the keywords with high traffic, and high competition and we will be using them in the domain name, title tags, and meta tags including h tags. Getting these keywords is pretty easy using the tool. So head on over to the google keyword tool, ensure you are completing a descriptive word or phrase search, and type in the broadest term to describe your site. Maybe it’s “photography” so type it in and wait for your results (Ensure you are targeting the correct country if your product or service is country-specific). Once you have done this and before looking at the results look for the drop-down box on the right-hand side of the page named match type. Match type refers to the type of word match you would like, broad (when anything relevant to the keyword is typed in) phrase, (when your chosen keyword is used as part of a phrase), and exact (when your exact keyword is typed in), the exact ones are those we want to research, so change the match type to exact.

Now you should have a decent list of keywords in front of you but the keywords we want to deal with are those under the additional keywords to consider heading. These keywords will be high in traffic and very broad. Then from the list pick out 5 – 20 broad keywords, with high traffic to describe your site.

With these keywords you now need to dig a little further, when I searched photography I came up with the below;



Family portrait

Professional photographer

Wedding photographer

With each of these keywords, we now need to do a separate search, so in the box type in photography. With the keywords under the heading “keywords related” pick out the keywords that are most relevant to your product or service. Do the same for each general keyword and you should have at least 100 highly targeted keywords to work with. google seo keyword research you should have a list of general keywords between 5 – 20 and a list of targeted keywords between 75 – 200. The targeted keywords are the ones you are going to target on a separate page of your site. For me, this is a highly effective way of building a keyword list and taking advantage of google seo. I also use word tracker which is a paid keyword tool, but to be honest I think I am going to start saving money.

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