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We at Foods are proud to announce that our White Flour Tortillas, Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas, and Corn Tortillas were judged to be the “Best Tasting” tortillas in each of their respective categories by Institute, and independent, chef-based organizations dedicated to recognizing and honoring the best food products. The ACI National Chef Board, comprised of world-renowned leaders in the culinary community and ACI’s National Culinary Director and Flavor and Sensory Specialist developed the rigorous double-blind judging process used to evaluate thousands of products every year and award only the best products in the marketplace its prestigious Best Taste Award and Best of Class Award.

The Evaluation Process

All products selected for rigorous testing are identified and purchased by ACI at local supermarkets. In the testing lab, products are stripped of all brand identification and presented to the chef-judges with no identification except a bar code. Together, the chef-judges establish the judging criteria for the category and then evaluate the products independently in private cubicles using proprietary software at The judges’ scores are captured electronically and tabulated by the computer to determine the category winner. Only one product in each food or food-related category is selected as an ACI Award winner. Each year ACI’s chef-panels judge hundreds of categories containing thousands of products to bestow the ACI Awards for Best Taste (retail food and beverage), Best Product (retail food-related equipment), and Best of Class (professional foodservice food and equipment).

About Culinary Institute

The ACI chef-based organization was founded in 1985 and has established both a highly trained Chef-Judging Panel and a National Chef Board of culinary leaders who voluntarily support the organization’s mission of honoring the best products. When consumers and culinary professionals see the ACI Best Taste, Best Product, or Best of Class Award on food and culinary products for retail and foodservice products, they know that it has passed the rigorous tests applied by the ACI chef-based judging panel to uncover and honor the best products in the marketplace. For more information, please visit From its humble beginnings, Foods has risen to become a leading tortilla manufacturer in the northeast. offers a premium.

Best Equipment Foods

We at Foods are very proud that our white flour tortillas, whole-wheat flour tortillas, and corn tortillas were judged to be the “Best Tasting” tortillas in each of their respective categories by the Culinary Institute. Retail customers can find them in the dairy case of their local grocery store. We also service the restaurant and institutional market by making our tortillas, tortilla chips, and seasonings available through food service distributors. Small orders may be shipped via UPS. Foods Inc. actively markets its products throughout the Northeastern Middle Atlantic states. Most of the major supermarket chains in this area receive our products at their distribution centers for further placement in the dairy cases of their stores. If you do not see them, oftentimes store managers will begin carrying our products in response to customers’ requests.

Our food service products are marketed through food service distributors working in conjunction with our food service brokers. The distributors serve the needs of customers such as restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, commissaries, schools, and convenience stores. will service the needs of customers via UPS when the more traditional distribution channels are not appropriate. Foods’ Sales and Marketing Department can be contacted directly to assist customers in finding a source for our products. Just contact us and we’ll be glad to let you know where you can find our Award Winning Products.


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