Directory Submission

Directory Submission plays an important role in shaping your ranking on the major search engines. It is the most effective way to promote your website and develop search engine rankings. To get inbound links to your website, you have to submit your website to web directories. Inbound links affect your search engine rankings. When you submit your website to any web directory, it views by a person who ensures how relevant and how exclusive your website is. After that, your website finds a place in the web directory. And this inspection automatically institutes your website’s credibility and your website gets submitted to major search engines. After submission, search engines judge the website’s popularity and relevance on the basis of the quality of the web Directory and the number of inbound links your website has.

Your Website with Different Anchor Titles

Directory submission gives more importance when you link your website with different anchor titles for submission. Web directories also provide links to other websites’ databases and to some search engine databases. Search engines come across the inbound links of your website. This will help them to decide the quality and relevance of your website.

Your Search Engine Rankings

Therefore, if you have only inbound links from websites that don’t fulfill quality standards then your search engine rankings will be poor. So many times, it happens that if your website contains several images or flash or other things, the search engines can not be able to grade your website but a low ranking will be provided to your website. But, if your website is listed in web directories, then at least, the search engine will give you a better listing, not a better ranking.

There are a number of web directories that permit you to supply a link with keywords describing your website. It’s not simple receiving links to your website with the keywords you wish for and web directories play as the easiest medium for receiving such links. Anchored text (Title) facilitates your website to use keywords for optimizing your directory submission.

You must ensure that you have the keywords on your website’s home page to receive quality inbound links. You have to use different anchor text in different directories. If you have numerous inbound links with the same anchor text, it can be spam and most of the inbound links will not do well even on the search engines. It is a very tough task to use appropriate keywords in anchor text to keep quality links. In the directory submission process, one should focus on quality and choose a well-ranking web directory and then submit the website. Directory submission guarantees targeted traffic through directories.

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