Search Engine Optimization and Website Content

Search Engine Optimization and Website Content go hand in hand to achieve good search engine results for your web pages. That is why at SEO Service Provider we combine keyword-rich original content and optimize your website for search engines.

Content is the Real SEO

It is your web page content that the search engines analyze to determine the relevance of your pages to the keywords you want to target. It is your website content that people link to, which raises your link’s popularity. But most importantly, the content on your web pages is what will or will not convince your potential customers to buy your products and/or services.

Keyword-Rich Original Website Content

We write or edit the content on your web pages to optimize it for your keywords and to help you close more sales. There are a lot of SEO companies that can write content with your keywords in it, but most of them have no sales experience on or off the web. Keyword-rich original website content will help you get traffic from the search engines, but will they buy anything once they get there? At SEO Service Provider we focus on writing text that helps you sell your products and services while also improving your search engine results.

Coding is also Important

Some SEO services say that the title tag, description tag, and keywords meta tag are not very important. Other SEO companies tell you alt tags, code-to-text ratio, or the load time of your website are not very important. At SEO Service Provider we optimize your meta tags, your alt tags, your code-to-text ratio, your load time, and everything else. We cover all the bases. One of those “not very important” things might just be the difference between a #1 and a #10 search engine result.

Website Directory Submission Service

Web Directory Database There are a lot of free website directories. Some of them are just link farms and not worth submitting to. We search for new website directories constantly to add the best of the best to our database. Only those web directories that have a Google PR of 3 and those with relevant categories are added.

What You Get with our Web Directory Submission Service: You choose the number of web directories you want your website submitted to. You choose whether or not to include web directories that charge a fee. We manually submit your website to the number of web directories you chose. No automated software is used. You receive a spreadsheet that gives you information about each web directory for your records.

Website Directory Submission Options

Free Website Directory Submissions These are web directories that do not charge a fee for adding your website to their directory. You choose the number of free web directories you want us to submit to your website to. Many web directories send a confirmation email after you submit your website to them. Then it is necessary to click a link from the confirmation email and possibly provide more information to complete the submission process.

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