It is so very refreshing to find paleo-friendly flour that is free of the allergens that have changed the way we see food and eat in our homes. This flour has opened the door back to my creative kitchen!! Let’s start with the use of Ottos Cassava Flour in recipes. Because it is a much lighter flour than the typical ( more dense) coconut flour we use in recipes, it is able to be a substitute. Meaning that in a recipe that calls for 1 cup of wheat flour, 1 cup of cassava flour can be used in its place. This is great news and should make recipe-building a little easier. Note that in baking- measurements are still almost a science and it may not always work out as planned.

I also personally love that it is grain-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. It’s harder to keep things paleo in an allergy-free world, especially in baking. Cassava is made from a root veggie called “yuca”. With the time and attention, Ottos Naturals has put into making their flour a quality flour that can be enjoyed by many, I am also pleased to say that it is still considered a whole food. There is no processing or bleaching. To find out more about the process they use to create this gem click here.

Hands down, my favorite thing about this flour is that the flavor is mild and molds well in almost any recipe!! Instead of spending time trying to cover a taste that some may not like, I can spend my time adding flavors I do like to any given recipe. From savory to sweet, the opportunities are something to smile about. For today’s recipe share, I went savory. These chicken nuggets are perfectly crispy and full of delicious flavor. Now, I am not one for frying foods on a regular, but I will probably find myself doing it more after seeing how fast my little one chowed these down.

Even before my foodie journeys began, I didn’t like to fry foods at home (yes, I would eat fast food that was fried but that’s not the same thing as DIY!). As long as you have an apron to cover your clothes it isn’t too bad! Most DIY fried chicken recipes require eggs but as you know we don’t use eggs due to food allergies. Some often use buttermilk too. Although we are also dairy free, there is a trick to using coconut milk to make DIY buttermilk. It is perfect for making these chicken nuggets!

I started off by cutting my thawed chicken into nugget-sized pieces. Then after that was done I prepped my dipping station. In bowl #1 I added half of a can of coconut milk and the juice from half of a lime. This creates a sort of healthy version of “buttermilk”. Whisk the two together and let them sit for a few minutes while you continue to prep. The milk will thicken and will be what helps to create a luscious and thick breading. going to hold the flour mixture. I added 6 Tablespoons of cassava flour with a few teaspoons of garlic herb spice. To this, I also added sea salt and pepper. Once my pan is heated and the oil is beginning to melt, I start by dropping a handful of chicken pieces into the flour mixture. Making sure to coat the entire chicken piece, I then dip my chicken in the coconut milk mix – letting the chicken sit for a moment. Then it’s back to the flour mixture and from there, into the hot oil.

Once my first batch is in, I look for the coating to start browning on the sides of the chicken. Once I see this, I flip the chicken and let it cook the remainder of the way. Carefully remove the chicken once it is cooked through and set it on a paper towel-covered plate. Then start all over on your second batch adding more oil to the pan if necessary, until you are finished. I use coconut oil when I am frying or cooking as it is tough and won’t go rancid like most other oils when introduced to high heat. It is the oil to use for almost everything I feel like. Well, friends there ya have it! I hope you enjoy this recipe and breath easy knowing that this beautiful world has endless options and there is always a way!

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