Business Travel Packing

There are a number of packing aids that are available to you regardless of whether you are looking to reduce the bulk of your packing, minimize wrinkles, protect your shoe shine or just make it easy to find things. We’ve added links to these items in case you want to look more seriously at them and you can see reviews of them by real people too. Take a look at some of our favorites.

The Airport Inspection Line

Packing Cubes is simple inexpensive and one of our favorites. They keep your items from getting mixed up, allow you to pack and re-pack more quickly, and best of all they can save you at the airport inspection line at ontime marketing. If you pack your personal items in a mesh or clear cube it will likely keep them from getting pulled out separately by inspectors where other travelers can see. Clear Packing Cube Set Packing folders we have used these for years and love them. When used properly they greatly reduce and almost eliminate wrinkles.

So much smaller and simpler than a hanging bag and in our experience, they are better as well. The folders come in various sizes but hold more than they look like they will. A medium-sized folder can hold shirts and pants in much less room than your normal packing would take. Once again look for something that is clear for the security screens. Clear Security Folder Compressor Bags When space is at a premium this is your answer! Insert your clothes, close the bag, and roll out the air. You can reduce the bulk of clothes by as much as Believe it or not they also come with a lifetime warranty.

Compressor Bags Shoe Bags there are two options here and they both have their place. First, if you are looking to protect your newly shined business shoes pick up some shoe covers which will protect your shine and keep the shine off of your shirt. Travel Shoe Covers The other option is for the fun shoes you brought when you weren’t on the clock. This mesh bag is amazing because it allows your dirty shoes to breathe but doesn’t allow any of the dirt to get out onto your clothes. If you like to go running, hiking, etc. when you can on the road this is a must. Shoe Sac Pill Organizer if you have a number of pills you need to keep organized or you’re just tired of having your home pill “box” open in your luggage during the trip this item compactly holds more than a week worth of pills all separated into daily doses.

Business Travel Gadgets

While gadgets aren’t for everyone there is a great deal of available technology that can be useful to the business traveler. Here are some suggestions for the gadgeteers (or just mildly interested) among us Hands free headsets the ability to talk to the office or home without holding your phone up to your ear is necessary when you are rushing on the road. We have a couple of styles that we are fond of Bluetooth Enabled no longer worry about wires getting in your way. This is an awesome communications gadget and the one you will use the most. Jabra WINDUP this headset winds up its own cord when not in use and protects it so you don’t have to worry about breaking wires and getting them tangled.

PDA the hot models come and go but the basic functionality of having a small electronic organizer that keeps all your vital phone numbers, calendar information, etc. is priceless. We still love Palm-based organizers like the Tungsten 2 or Tungsten 5 for their simple-to-use design and software. GPS – don’t find yourself lost and late to an important business meeting. This is a tool that can save you on a business trip and help you find a restaurant back home as well. Apple iPod Just causes you’re on the road doesn’t mean that you can’t have your music or even audiobooks at your fingertips. Trust us, there will be times you wish you had it with you.

There is no question that everyone is thinking more about security these days. Particularly while traveling it is easy to feel that your personal items are more at risk. Listed below are items that can restore your sense of privacy out on the road. Travel Locks they are back! The TSA has now re-approved using locks on your checked baggage. The catch is that you must use new locks which allow security personnel to have access to the bag with a secured tool that does not damage the lock while keeping other prying hands away. Door Stop Alarm admits it we all get a little nervous sleeping in an unfamiliar hotel. This easily carried and used device will send off an alarm if someone tries to enter your room while you sleep. Keep your money safe use a Neck Pouch to keep your money and valuables (passport, credit cards, etc. safe from pickpockets and other unsavory characters.

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