Why is SEO Indispensable

So you have a website it looks good, but there are few visitors and even fewer sales! Why? Because you need to apply a few SEO Basics! The fact is, if you let it just sit there and don’t promote it, it will probably never generate business. It’s the old story of building it and they will come! – then they don’t. The services provided by RowleySEO are targeted at helping you to get your website ranked high in Google for the phrases people are using when they look for companies providing what your company provides. If your site doesn’t appear high on page one, then you simply won’t be seen and found. And that’s where we can help with sophisticated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.

What are the Myths concerning Engine Optimization

Before reading any further, I want to warn you that there is more nonsense spoken about website promotion and SEO than almost anything else on the web.

Here Is a Few of the Key Myths and Points of Misinformation for You:

Do You Need Links to Rank

In a nutshell – YES almost always Google needs to know how popular your site is and what visitors think of its quality which is measured by the links it gets but it is complicated.

Do You Only Need the Most Powerful Links

Another false belief is that only powerful links are needed. If Google sees only the most powerful links appearing on your site overnight, then you will probably be penalized. It’s simply unlikely to happen unless your site already has a ‘track record’ of rising popularity on relevant sites and social sites like FaceBook.

If I Just Leave My Site – Will It Develop Naturally

Well, it might – if you’ve got regular guest posts by famous people and a hugely popular social following; but otherwise, for most businesses, the site will simply sit there and remain unnoticed by people searching for goods and services.

Is SEO Dangerous

I want to be very clear about this – SEO practiced by people who do not understand the risks is indeed dangerous; it can have a site penalized and make it plummet in Google rankings. But here’s the thing – every major corporation in the world spends millions on SEO because it works when it’s done properly and the return on investment is huge.

Can a Quality Site Rank Highly

This is a critical point. Google has been working hard and successfully for years to remove sites from its rankings. You can have the best SEO in the world, but if your site is quality content, thin content, replicated content, and structure then it will be detected by Google and torpedoed. SEO only works with good-quality sites. Some affiliate marketers can still ‘churn and burn’ sites for short periods of time, but if your site represents your business for the long term, it must be of acceptable quality. We can help you with this.

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