Who is SMP?

Do you need a cool branding video to showcase your incredible community? Or perhaps bite-sized videos for social media? Or maybe your property has such high competition that you need a video where professional actors, in jaw-dropping outfits, will leave a lasting impression on your viewers and have your comps tearing their hair out! Whatever your video needs, we have a solution! If you don’t see it below, we’ll custom create you something memorable. And the best part? We don’t charge travel fees as we are in every corner of America, and beyond. We also provide bundle packages giving you a branding video, web loops, social media videos and more.



Video Style Price
Narrative $13,999
Animated Video $12,000
Day in the Life $9,999
Testimonial $5,999
Feature $3,999
Photo Montage $1,999

Extra Video Items:

Video Style Price
Social Media Edits x5 $999
Social Media Edits x10 $1,500
Local Area x 2 Locations Within 5 mi. $999 + permit
Additional Local Area x 1 Within 5 mi. $599
Drone $999
*LA Director $2,500 + travel
*One Extra Actor $1,500

  • Videos over $12,000 already include a Director, choosing to add this to simpler videos increases creativity level
  • Please refer to videos below to see what each price gets you.

24 Social Media Videos: $11,999

  • Full day shoot at Property only
  • Filming onsite staff, residents, dogs and property
  • 1 round of edits per video
  • Full shot list
  • Logos and branding


Smart Phone Tour: $350 + $49 Hosting

  • SMP Provides instructions on how to film on a smartphone
  • 1 model apartment, 3 amenities and 1 exterior shot
  • On screen titles
  • Logos and branding
  • Music
  • On demand video analytics to track data and built-in lead gen software


Day in the Life

_Feature Video

Premium Narrative

Animated Video

Testimonial Video

Photo Montage Video


Custom videos made for social media use, with custom pricing options available.