What is Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the activities of off-page SEO. It is the technique to add, share, and save the website’s page links on social sites. Creating a bookmark of websites on social media is called social bookmarking. Basically, it is a method to drop and save links on social platforms to gain traffic. It is the fastest way to increase backlinks. You may get no-follow backlinks on so many sites but you may get great traffic from there. By doing this, the search engine’s crawlers or bots take less time for crawling or indexing. You can also spread awareness about your business amongst people by doing this. In this, Bookmark is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) i.e. stored for late retrieval in any of various storage formats.

What is Social Media

Nowadays social media is used by so many people, It is the medium to connect with people without personally meeting them. Basically, it is a platform where users can share their webpage’s links, their articles or blog links, images, and videos. There are so many sites that are used by people to connect with each other such as Tumblr, Diigo, mix, Reddit, Instapaper, pocket, etc.

How Does Social Bookmarking Work

In this system, users come on social platforms and save their site’s and article’s links, which is also known as posting. By doing this they make a bookmark for their sites and in the future, if the reach of that particular post or bookmark will grow then it would be easy to reach good audiences. But this reach totally depends on the sharing of that particular post, if that post has a good sharing then the reach will definitely grow. For this, you have to write good content and description.

How to Use Social Bookmarking

There are so many ways to use but the three main things which you have to keep in mind.

Content / Description: The description you are going to post with the link should be relevant, well-written, and meaningful to attract the audience.
Links: Links that you are going to post should be correct meaning they shouldn’t be spammy otherwise they will be blocked by social bookmarking sites.
Hashtags: Hashtags play a vital role in social bookmarking because they boost your posts to reach people. Hashtags should be relevant to your post’s niche and you have to choose hashtags that have a good reach volume, you can search them from the hashtags generator that is present online.

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