What is Page Authority

Page Authority is what predicts the likelihood of an individual page ranking well in search engine results. The higher the Page Authority is, the more likely it is that the page will rank high in the results. it’s easier to raise a page’s score from 25 to 35 and raise it from 70 to 80. The algorithm that is used to calculate Page Authority is regularly updated, meaning the scores are continually fluctuating.

Page Authority is defined as a calculated metric for how high an individual page ranks in search engine results and can be more useful in measuring a page’s status than Google Page Rank as it is continually updated. Whereas Google Page Rank uses a scale of 1 to 10, Page Authority offers more precision with its scale of 1 to 100. It allows for the measurement of small changes and is a much more effective tool for determining trends.

Due to the continuous upgrades in Page Authority, the quality and reliability of the results are of much more value than Google Page Rank and are on the verge of becoming the metric that provides the gold standard for link builders.

Because Page Authority is the result of a combination of metrics that all impact the page’s score, it is difficult to influence directly. The best way of having an influence Page Authority is by improving a page’s search engine optimization. This can be done by focussing on the link profile and acquiring plenty of links from other well-linked pages. The links will need to come from other web pages that not only score well with Page Authority, but that contain relevant content. Because Page Authority algorithms are constantly updated, this is an ongoing process.

A Page Authority report not only provides in-depth information on the status of the page but also provides results for Domain Authority, Total Links, and Linking Root Domains. Page Authority and Domain Authority can be used in targeting websites and pages that are more likely to perform well in search engine results.

Many reputable SEO services nowadays ignore Page Rank when delivering reports to clients and focus on Page Authority as a much better tool for determining the likelihood of a page ranking well.

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