What Is Ghost Sender?

The Ghostsender is a program that allows any user to send an email to a list where the user’s connection is safeguarded. This program helps in the protection of your connections, as well as the protection of retribution by other parties. It does this by making it next to impossible for anyone to track down the origination of the email. The emails will be fully legal, as no headers are falsified, We will simply provide you with connections that will protect your identity.

This is done by providing remote gateways where you send your mail through. Therefore, your emails will always have an IP number in the headers which cannot be traced back to you, the client. This provides a 100% safe and secure haven for you to send out your mail. Many of us have discovered that ISPs do not like email to be sent out through their systems. Some ISPs have gone so far as to block port 25. This program can help you to overcome these restrictions.

ATTENTION: This program is meant for educational purposes. We as a company do not condone SPAM in any way, shape, or form. Please use this program responsibly. Any, and all email that you send out, is your own responsibility. Keep this in mind when you mail. Please always provide a valid remove option in any emails you send out.

Program Setting and Overview

The default login, which can be seen in that example, is a test account. With this account, you will be able to send out 200 emails as a test, to look at the delivery, the headers, etc. Once you have been assigned a login and password, simply replace these values with the new login information, and you will have the assigned credits that you have paid for.


  1. Insert a valid FROM address.
  2. Choose HTML or text delivery
  3. Insert a subject line
  4. Insert the body of the email
  5. Choose the number of Connections
  6. Choose the number of CC size
  7. Add address file/files
  8. Push the NEW SEND button

Detailed Instructions

One of the most important panels within the GhostSender can be found near the top left corner of the program. It looks like the following. What this panel tells you, is the amount of time left in your purchased contract, the total amount of credits you purchased, and the number of credits that you have currently used.

General Settings Tab

Under this tab can be found most of the settings that affect the way in which the email is delivered. I will now go through the settings one by one. This is the address that will show up as being ‘from’. This address MUST be a valid domain name but does not need to be an actual valid email address. This is also where all your bouncing emails will end up. We highly suggest that you use a valid address for this field, and actually remove all your bounced emails. If you do not remove the bounced emails, you are actually clogging up the internet, which is something we do not condone.

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