We manage. We create engaging content that is relevant to the apartment personality, local area and season.
We nurture relationships with local vendors for cross promotion, offerings and competitions to engage residents and encourage social sharing and a conversation.
We produce branded community videos with resident, staff and local business owner involvement.
Let us elevate your social pages to become a local area resource and an entertaining page to follow.

These videos are released once a week on Facebook:
A Resident Video

A Local Business Owner Video

A Staff Member Video

Palmetto Promenade Character Video (to add an actor costs an additional one-off fee)

Facebook Page Example

• 2 weeks of AB testing* to research, analyze and create content (if advertising/if not 2 weeks to create content and prep videos)
• Building a fan-base, developing engaged communities, and increasing the follower count.*
• Generating exposure and reach for the apartment, placing you in front of geo-targeted users.*
• Engaging residents to connect to their community online, through competitions, creative content and local vendor and partner involvement
• Attracting new residents
• Social content sharing, driven from encouragement, feedback and competitions
• Ultimately conveying a desired lifestyle and community that deeply connects with local communities
• Reputation management: engaged and personal response to customer engagement, Facebook and Instagram only
• 5 posts per week on Facebook
• 1 post in video form should you select a video package, see below

*For clients with advertising-spend package.
Advertising spend is recommend between $50-$500 per month. This can fluctuate each month, depending on need.
Ad spend over $300 per month incurs a $99 management fee each month.

$999 per month, minimum sign-up 12 months
5 posts including 1 custom made video per week.
Up to $300 per month of ad spend with no management fee.

$750 per month, minimum sign-up 12 months
5 posts per week, including 2 stock videos per month.
Up to $300 per month of ad spend with no management fee.

$399 per month, minimum sign-up 12 months
3 posts per week, including 2 stock videos per month.
$150 can be added to boost posts, this does not include advertising.

We film on-site for 1-2 days shooting hours of footage that is pre-planned.
This footage involves, your staff, residents, local vendors, community events, etc.
The footage is edited into multiple videos to be released onto Facebook once-a-week.
Each video is branded, with music and is relevant to your community and the season.
Please view the video below to get a clearer idea.