VR Headset Setup

What you’ll need:
• Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone (Unlocked)
• Samsung Gear VR Headset (2016 model)
*NOTE* The newest 2017 model of the Gear VR headset ONLY works with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones; please ensure you are purchasing compatible hardware (2016 version will work with any Samsung phone in the Galaxy S6 or S7 line)
• Wireless internet connection / Wifi
*NOTE* Your smartphone is not linked to any cellular provider, you will need an external wifi internet connection in order to download/upgrade apps and download 360 content for viewing on your phone. Content that has already been downloaded to the phone for viewing on an installed app is can be viewed without an internet connection.

Setup Instructions
1. Connect your smartphone to the included charger and ensure the device is fully charged (>90% battery).
2. Hold down the power button to turn on your smartphone. You may be prompted to set up your phone when it is 1st powered on. Follow any setup instructions from the phone until you are presented with your new home screen.
*NOTE* You will need a Google account to activate your phone, and to download apps from the Android app store. This account can be signed off once setup is complete.
3. From the home screen, swipe downwards from the top of the screen to bring down the settings menu. Ensure that you are connected to the internet through an external wi-fi connection.

Prepare the Samsung VR Headset
a. Remove the cover by pressing the right-hand side clasp (the one without the white lock slider) and sliding it outwards, this will release the cover.
b. Ensure the left hand side clasp is in the ‘B’ setting. It is automatically set on ‘A’. Lift up the clasp to reveal a small button. Press down the button and slide inward, towards the center of the headset, until the green dot is visible under ‘B’ (this makes it fit the smaller phone size).
c. Ensure the lock is in the unlocked position, on the left hand clasp
d. Slide this fitting open, by pulling it towards you/up.

Insert the phone into the Samsung Headset
a. Insert the clasp on the left side of the headset to fit into the charging port of the bottom end of the phone.
b. You should hear the phone make a loading sound
c. Place on your head (it does take about 20 seconds and sometimes needs a little adjustment). You should see a white Samsung Gear VR logo on a black background. If it doesn’t, take it out and try it again If the image is blurry, you can adjust the focus using the wheel located on the top of the headset.
6. Your phone will automatically download the Oculus app suite after it is first plugged into the headset. Please allow time for all Oculus apps to download and update any apps which prompt for an update. For performance, security, and compatibility reasons, it is always best to keep your phone’s operating system (Android version) and apps up-to-date.
7. Remove the phone from the headset. From the Google Play Store, search for the Samsung VR app and download it. Update this app if prompted. This app is used to play 360 video content that has been downloaded onto the phone for local playback. If you would like to stream 360 content, you will need to use the appropriate app for the video service (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Downloading the VR file onto the Phone
To download a video file onto your phone, you will need to add a Google email account. Once this email account is on the phone forward the video link to this account and simply download the video file so it’s locally saved on the phone.

To View From YouTube
Download the YouTube app
Load the VR video file onto your YouTube account
When playing, hit the goggle icon, and place into your cardboard headset to view.

Good Luck.