Using Video to Promote Your Business Online

Have you considered advertising online with video content? If you aren’t using Video SEO to promote your business online, there’s never been a better time, and there never will be. This is a great time to give it a try and start to establish a presence in the Video Marketing world. Everyone from your little sister to your grandmother is online, and they’ve all shared or watched videos that moved them in one way or another. By using this powerful medium, your business can harness that power to help promote your brand, sell a product, or even defend your reputation.

Some of the Major Benefits of using Video to Promote your Business Online:

Videos are more Engaging Than other Forms of Online Advertising – Because videos stimulate multiple senses they tend to engage the audience more than static images or text. This stimulation leads to a longer time on the website, increased page views, and the ability to integrate more calls to action on your website. Ultimately this increased interaction should lead to more conversions and sales.

Search Engines are Hungry for Video – There is a relatively small amount of video online when compared to text and images. This is one of the reasons that search engines are hungry for more videos. The search engines have even adapted their results pages to include special sections for highlighting videos, usually appearing in the video results at the bottom of the SERPs.

Videos Rank Quickly in the Search Engines – A properly optimized video will rank for targeted keywords in a very short period of time, usually in several days, whereas a text file or web page may take months to achieve the same rankings. This quick placement can help a business to get exposure early on, while its organic search engine optimization efforts are still taking hold. As a secondary effect, the additional exposure can lead to more links from sites in your niche, and others looking to add content to their blogs and web pages.

Video-Sharing Sites allow you to Reach More Customers – Sites like YouTube are now getting more search queries than Yahoo and Bing. This is a great indication that consumer behavior is changing, and they are now looking to video-sharing sites for more than entertainment, they are looking for how-to videos and educational clips. If you are able to give away a bit of valuable information, you will become a subject matter expert, and consumers will look to you when it’s time to pay a professional to do the work. There is a myriad of other reasons to get started with a video marketing campaign but the biggest reason to start now may be the relative lack of competition. In a couple of years, your competition will have saturated your niche with online videos, and you’ll be playing catchup. Take the leap and begin your video marketing efforts now while the market is new and mistakes are forgiven, and you’ll be far better off down the line.

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