Video 1: We shoot the local area, construction, any amenities/models/exteriors that are ready, we can use actors, drones – there is no end to what we can do!
Video 2: Once the property is complete, we will return and shoot all completed scenes and merge with the first video.
We can edit your videos into shorter versions for social media and create website background loops for your new website.

Please click into images to see full resolution.
We shoot photography in phases.
Phase 1: This could be community and local area
Phase 2: This could be interiors and exteriors

This style of VR is created from a CAD model. You provide us with this and we will create a tour of your new apartment home for potential residents.
This can have music, a scripted voiceover and your logos added to the tour.

LEASE-UP SOCIAL MEDIA: $750-$999 a month, for 6 months minimum.
Let our expert social media team geo-target those searching for an apartment.
Ensuring our engaging content lands in your target demographic’s news-feeds.
Want to add video to your content? No problem! See below.
• 2 weeks of AB testing to research, analyze and create content.
• Building a fan-base, developing engaged communities, and increasing the follower count.
• Generating exposure and reach for the apartment, placing you in front of geo-targeted users.
• Engaging residents to connect to their community online, through competitions, creative content and local vendor and partner involvement
• Attracting new residents
• Social content sharing, driven from encouragement, feedback and competitions
• Ultimately conveying a desired lifestyle and community that deeply connects with local communities
• Reputation management: engaged and personal response to customer engagement
• 5 posts per week