Lifestyle and Hotel Social Media Management
Our team of hospitality and social media experts develop customized social strategies that dig deep into your brand identity. We create fresh and engaging snackable content that will captivate your audience and capture the guest experience from check-in to check-out. Let us elevate your social pages with lifestyle videos, staged photography and editorially driven engagement that will leave your target market ready to spark a conversation, drive brand awareness, and increase bookings.

Every hotel is unique. Every guest experience is special. As your strategic partner we create custom tailored social packages to meet you properties needs and ensure your GSI scores rise online and off!

Our Approach
2 weeks of AB testing* to research, analyze and create content (if advertising/if not 2 weeks to create content and prep videos)
Building or adding to your fan-base, developing engaged communities, and increasing the follower count.*
Generating exposure and reach for the hotel, placing you in front of geo-targeted users.*
Engaging guests to connect with the property online, through competitions, creative content and local vendor and partner involvement
Social content sharing, driven from encouragement, feedback and competitions
Conveying a desired lifestyle and community that deeply connects with the local area
Reputation and response management for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to optimize and measure the guest experience.
*Advertising spend is recommended

5 posts including 1 custom made video per week
Staged lifestyle photography
Local vendor partnerships
Influencer identification and activation
Reputation management
Developed offers and promotions
Monthly reporting

5 posts per week, including 2 stock videos per month
Local vendor partnerships
Reputation management
Influencer identification and activation
Developed offerings and promotions
Monthly reporting


We film on-site for 1-2 days shooting hours of footage that is pre-planned.
This footage involves, your staff, guests, local vendors, community events, etc.
The footage is edited into multiple videos to be released onto Facebook once-a-week.
Each video is branded, with music and is relevant to your community and the season.

Lifestyle Photography

Our photographers are specialized in capturing the exciting lifestyle of luxury and boutique hotels. Our artistic based shots are carefully staged using your amenities, setting, and culture to evoke the imagination of your target market. We set the tone and visually tell the story of your hotel’s brand.

Combined with video and editorial our lifestyle photography will make your social presence the center of attention and inspire new and current guests alike!

Video Examples:
We created a character for the concierge, someone that fit the brand and had consistency throughout the social media pages.

This is an interview with a local restaurant who delivers special discounts just for our clients residents/guests.

A video to explain the gym equipment.

This is a mock-up example of a post we can release for you.