Despite more than 400million daily active users of Instagram stories, very few apartment marketers are actually taking advantage of the platform, leaving a unique gap in the market that you should be leveraging.

While insta-stories allow you to piece together photos and short-clips for a story-telling content experience, the newer release of IGTV has opened the door to marketers who want to create long-format video content that doesn’t self-destruct after 24-hours.

Stories are no longer a novelty. At this point, they’re a staple of Instagram itself.

But how should you be making the most of these tools?


Story Highlights & Archives

Highlight your favorite stories and videos to optimize the experience of your residents and create new opportunities for meaningful connections with them. With the release of Instagram’s Highlight option last year, stories no longer need to disappear after 24 hours. You can can now archive content, or save it under the highlights section that lives at the top of your page. If you think that what is being posting will remain relevant to your residents or to anyone visiting your apartment’s page, then make sure you keep it around to tell the story of your brand.

Check out one of our social media clients, Wood Partners, who are currently killing the Instagram story game. Not only do they highlight valuable content that helps to establish their brand and add value to the experience of their residents, but their content is clean, well-shot, and relevant to anyone visiting their page. Check out the Instagram for Alta Easterly here.

Use a Story Layout app

You have such a small window of opportunity to capture the attention of your audience when they’re looking through Instagram. With almost unlimited content available online, people rarely stop scrolling to see what you have to say, and Insta-stories are no different. So encourage your residents to slow down by offering them something unique. Tell stories with your content and get creative, show your audience that you really care about what you’re sharing with them and use a layout tool do it.

With the likes of the Unfold app, you can put your images and videos together in a way that feels like a magazine layout. Add value to your stories and really make them stand out from the crowd.

Personalize Icons

You wouldn’t show an apartment in disarray, so why should your Instagram be any different? Your social media channels are often the first thing that potential residents check these days, so why not put your best foot forward with a fresh image? Make sure that your profile image is on-brand, either depicting the apartment itself or the logo of your property. And don’t stop there, use personalized icons for your Highlights so that residents can easily find what they’re looking for. It makes you appear more organized and as though you care about the experience of your residents.

There are plenty of options online for designing and downloading icons that suit your brand. Check out The Preview App to create them straight from your phone, or Creative Market for more extensive options. A great example comes, once again, from Wood Partners who personalize each of the properties they manage, keeping things looking beautiful and organized.

Shoot videos in correct format

Although Instagram stories now allow you to upload images in landscape view, the platform is really designed for portrait mode. As the marketing world becomes increasingly more mobile, residents are getting accustomed to viewing videos and photos this way. So, whenever you’re shooting video content, it’s best to keep this in mind.

Format is especially important for Instagram TV because, while Insta-stories are designed to disappear after 24 hours, IGTV stays around. This is where you should be displaying your more high-quality content. Similar to featured videos on your website or other social media pages, IGTV is a chance to show potential residents all that you have to offer, so if you’re shooting in the wrong format, you could be communicating that a) you don’t care, or b) you lack the understanding of what your residents want.

To be safe, why not try to film all content in both formats so that when it comes to editing and sharing it with the world, you always have options!

Many of the examples in this article are from the work we’ve done with one of our Property Management clients. We recently sat down with Wood Partners to discuss how their approach to social media marketing has changed since we started working with them. We talked IGTV, Instagram stories, engagement and what it’s like to have a social media marketing manager take over the job. Check out the full interview here.

If you’re looking for help in stepping up their social media game, send a message to christina@showmyproeprty.tv to schedule a free consultation!