Following our recent article on whether or not IGTV and Instagram stories are important in your social media strategy, we decided to sit down with Elayna McGee of Wood Partners to see how it has helped their growth.

We’ve been working side-by-side with Wood Partners to ensure that their online marketing strategy – particularly their social media channels – are accurately reflecting the beauty and progressiveness of all of their properties. Along with building unique content for each of their channels, we also strategize ways to increase engagement through IGTV and insta-stories.

We talked to Elayna about the shift they’ve seen in engagement since working with SMPTV. Here’s what she had to say:

SMPTV: How long have you been working with SMPTV and how did you find out about them?

ELAYNA: I have had the pleasure of working with SMPTV for a little under a year now. I was very lucky to cross paths through a co-worker and friends

What was your strategy for Instagram stories prior to working with SMPTV?

For Instagram stories, this was a new feature we were constantly playing with to figure out best practices. Our strategy was truly just being established. After working together closely with the team at SMP we now have a clear vision and goals.

What has been the greatest benefit of outsourcing these tasks?

The greatest benefit by far is brainstorming and bouncing ideas around with a team who brings expertise and knowledge. I also think the line of communication is excellent and we always have a quick turn around.

Have you seen an increase in engagement since working with SMPTV?

We have most definitely seen an influx with engagement. We started with testing a single property to measure the success. In just a few months we have over 5 properties now working very successfully.

In your opinion, what are some of the greatest blunders a property manager can make with their social media marketing strategy?

I think the greatest blunder is not having a strategy at all. I see a lot of property managers who will post just to get the job done without a method behind why.

How important in social media for your company, your properties, and your residents?

In 2018 social media is a huge factor for any person, company, and brand. This may not be our number 1 traffic source but social plays a huge part in brand awareness. Social media is where you are able to give your brand a personality and keep up with the community through constant communication.

What is the future for Wood Partners?

Wood Partners continues to grow and build memorable A class properties. As we move forward we use great partnerships like SMP to help us in brand recognition and continued success.

Thank you to Wood Partners for contributing to this article and for continuing to trust us with your social media strategy. And to anyone else looking for help in stepping up their social media game, send a message to to schedule a free consultation!