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Goodbyes are never easy, but they’re necessary if we want to grow. As social media platforms continue to transform the traditional marketing space, it’s easy to get left behind. And as time speeds up, being one step behind in 2018 means empty apartments and revenue lost. But how do you know if it’s time to have ‘the talk’ with your Property Manager/In-House Social Media Strategist? Well, if they’re falling into any of the traps below, it might be time to looks into a new option.

Neglecting the Community

This extends beyond simply responding to questions and inquiries, a successful social media strategy involves truly engaging with your community and fostering the development of a supportive online community. In our recent interview with Mission Rock Residential, they spoke about the change in traditional marketing to a focus on digital word-of-mouth. It’s important to treat the online community just as you would’ve treated a physical community 10 years ago. The online community is now an extension of the physical community, so the effort that your local team is putting in on the ground should be reflected by the effort that your Property Manager/In-House Social Media Manager is putting in online. Communities have been afraid to use their accounts to really connect with people.

“Social media is supposed to be fun and personal – not canned and corporate.”
Ashley Fenlon, Mission Rock Residential

No Qualified Leads

Is your social media strategy directly translating to qualified leads? If not, then something is probably amiss. Social media marketing is now one of the most powerful tools for generating interest from prospective residents that you have at your disposal. At Show My Property, we continue to provide qualified leads to all of our social media clients.

Recently, in a 2-week Lead Advertising Campaign that we conducted for a client, we produced an overwhelming number of leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. At only $4.50 per lead, we sent 55 qualified leads over to our client.

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Like we said, Social Media Marketing is no longer an option or a luxury you participate in if you have time, it is a necessity. So, if your Property Manager or In-House Social Media Manager lacks the time or knowledge to execute an effective apartment social media strategy, it’s likely resulting in lost revenue for your business. And we all know, that’s never a good thing.

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Social Media Manager NOT Social Media Spammer

Consistent content is important when managing an effective social media strategy, but at what point does it become spam? It’s important that your content is curated specifically for your audience, adding value to their lives rather than stealing from their ever-decreasing time. So if your Property Manager/In-House Social Media Manager is simply pushing out content for the sake of it, it will likely result in an agitated and disengaged audience. Understand your audience and deliver based on their wants and needs. Apply the 80/20 rule, providing 80% entertainment and 20% sales, ensuring your audience is kept happy and engaged with everything you’re putting out there.

Flogging a Dead Horse

The online world is constantly changing, and so too should your social media strategy. Are you seeing consistent results and adaptations from your In-House Social Media Manager as your community changes? As the rental demographic becomes younger each year, the needs of your online community will continue to evolve. With adequate data analysis, it’s possible to spot the trends as they’re occurring and understand if your approach is working or not. Ever heard the saying, never flog a dead horse? Well, here it applies. If your strategy is broken, it’s broken. And if your Property Manager/In-House Social Media Manager isn’t providing adequate reporting that demonstrates consistent growth, then it might be wise to look into a more adaptive approach.

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Leaving them Hanging

We’ve already talked about the importance of fostering a positive online community for your residents, and perhaps the most important aspect of this is continued and immediate customer support. Where renters may have once expected a reply in a few days, they now look for a response within minutes or hours. So if your In-House Social Media Manager is also doubling as your Property Manager, how do they find the time to respond to all of the demands of an online community? By shifting these duties to a dedicated Outsourced Social Media Team, not only do you free up the time of your on-site team, but you ensure that the online word-of-mouth is skewed in your favor. Even if you receive a bad review or a complaint, you create understanding and a feeling of being heard by your community if your response is rapid and helpful. This extends to helping prepare your residents for potential disasters, maintenance, or helpful tips that will make their experience with your residence more positive.

The Same Ole’

As multifamily real estate becomes more innovative, with an increase in demand for technology and high-quality lifestyle, so too does the demand for innovation increase in an online sense. For years we have observed traditional apartment real estate marketing shift from simply providing a place to live, to creating spaces that residents feel emotionally connected to. So, as a social media manager, there is a responsibility to reflect those same efforts online. Collaborating with local businesses, creating exclusive offers and events, providing entertaining content, and engaging with your residents online is no longer a luxury to be conducted if your Property Manager/In-House Social Media Manager finds the time, it has now become paramount if you wish to inspire trust and loyalty from your community.

There’s No I in Team

Social media is not a one-man job. Perhaps it was in the earlier days of inception, but now it requires such a level of consistency and diversity across multiple channels that only a collaborative approach can achieve. As reflected on by the team at Mission Rock Residential;

“having a partner for the day-to-day of social media management has freed up our team’s time to be able to step back and take a more global look at our digital initiatives.”
Ashley Fenlon, Mission Rock Residential

Deciding how your teams time is best spent will open your eyes to the possibilities that outsourcing your social media can offer.

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Unoriginal Content

Speaking again to the importance of not spamming your audience, original content is the best way to engage your residents with information and entertainment that benefits them. Unless your Property Manager has access to a dedicated In-House Production Team, this task can seem somewhat daunting.

“I think the visuals are incredibly important. Having consistent, polished content is so important from a branding perspective, but the amount of time it would take to create that brand and curate that content can be overwhelming.”
Ashley Fenlon, Mission Rock Residential

Visual content is still the most powerful marketing tool that we have access to, both online and in the real world, so thinking hard about the limitations that your Property Manager/In-House Social Media Manager may face when it comes to creating consistent content will give you insight into where your money is best spent.

“Viewing our Facebook pages is part of the purchasing process now, so ensuring we’re not losing any of those renters at that point is critical.” 
Ashley Fenlon, Mission Rock Residential

The Full Interview

To read the full interview that we did with Mission Rock Residential, click here. We’ve been working with their team for close to 7 months now, and although they’re branding experts themselves, they understand the limitations of taking on such a large endeavor with only their internal team. Their thoughtful interview might give you some insight into what social media strategy is best for your team.

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Time to Say Goodbye?

And if you’re interested in scheduling a call with someone from our team, simply head over to our Calendly appointment maker and someone from our team will call you at a time that suits you, just click here. We have packages and offers to suit projects of any size, so whether you’re in student housing, multi-family apartments, or hotels, you could benefit from a social media partner. To check out more examples of our work, click here.