At Show My Property TV, we believe that building an online community isn’t exclusive to the housing market; there’s a place for it in hotel marketing as well. And although a guests’ stay at a hotel might be fleeting, their experience and their feelings of connectedness don’t need to be. Your hotel marketing strategy should consider the entirety of a guests journey – from the research phase, all the way through to a follow-up – adding value to their experience every step of the way. If you can do that, you’ll inspire a sense of belonging and loyalty toward your brand.

As attention spans decline, quality video content continues to prove itself as the best tool for connecting with your audience. In essence, our brains process imagery 60,000 times faster than text, and video is especially captivating as it brings together movement and noise, catching our attention like nothing else. Not only that, but the information is also retained far better (95% if watching, 10% if reading), which is crucial if you’re trying to build loyalty with your brand.

More than anything though, if the video is done well, then you’ll evoke an emotional response from your audience. And you want an emotional response, you want your viewers to imagine themselves in the scenarios that your video depicts. Because there’s no doubt about it, emotions drive action. And unlike traditional marketing videos that simply showcase your hotel and amenities, quality lifestyle videos can evoke a genuine emotional response.


Regardless of your whereabouts in the world, you’ve likely heard of the Sheraton Hotels and Resorts. With an extensive global reach, it’s hard to imagine their humble beginnings with the purchase of a single hotel by two friends in 1937. Since then, Sheraton has become a household name, offering different levels of service to thousands of people worldwide. They were bought by Marriott International and continue to grow at an exponential rate. So, why have they been so successful?

Aside from their quality offerings and intelligent target marketing, they have consistently made good investments and have partnered with other companies that make sense. In the case of our latest Spotlight, the Sheraton Gateway, that success lies prominently with the Pyramid Hotel Group who recently acquired them.

As one of the leading hotel and resort management groups in the US, Pyramid Hotel Group already have an impressive portfolio, consisting largely of Marriott and Sheraton properties. But when they acquired the Sheraton Gateway, they had an entirely unique vision which is why they came to us.



Most people wouldn’t look at LAX as a ‘destination’, rather, a port to reach other places. Well, the Pyramid Hotel Group wanted to challenge that. They wanted to create a high-quality video campaign that would depict LAX as more than a means to an end. So with an integrated approach to rebranding, we worked together to develop premium lifestyle videos that evoke emotion and inspire excitement among potential guests, marketing the Gateway as more than a place to spend a single night before or after a flight, a place from which you could experience and explore.



Pyramid Hotel Group‘s Regional VP of Sales and Marketing, Matthew Baker, was kind enough to sit down with us this week to discuss their experience of using video to create an engaging hotel marketing campaign. We started working with Pyramid when they acquired the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at LAX and have since been creating premium lifestyle videos and social media videos. Here’s what he had to say:


How long have you been working with SMPTV and how did you find out about us?
This was my first Video with SMPTV. I started working with them in January 2018. I heard about SMPTV from the LATCB.

What was your goal in working with SMPTV?
Dynamic Video that could be used across multiple platforms.

What do you think is the greatest benefit of including video in your marketing strategy?
Everything is so visual today. The market landscape has changed to be quick, colorful, and visual.

Have you seen an increase in online engagement since the release of the videos? If so, has that directly correlated to an increase in bookings?
Not directly, or in a trackable way. But we have gotten great feedback from the Social Media side.

Do you plan on using video as part of your marketing strategies for future projects?
Yes, of course.

Do you think it’s important to tell a story through these videos rather than simply showing your amenities? If so, why?
Yes, I think the story creates a “that could be me,” or “I do that!” feeling that people can relate to. It then stimulates a reaction that creates a bond between the hotel and the guest.

What do you think is the worst marketing blunder you see in the industry?
Not being memorable or creating that connection.

Pyramid Hotel Group are obviously killing it in the hotel game, so what advice could you offer to others trying to grow in the industry?
Content and Video are so key to Marketing. People want to make decisions and create their own adventures. We have to make sure people feel involved and that they have choices.

What does the future look like for Pyramid? What’s next?
Pyramid will continue to manage and operate Hotels always looking to grow the portfolio.


Thank you to Pyramid Hotel Group for participating in our Spotlight this month. If you’d like to explore our video offerings further, please contact jason@showmyproperty.tv or simply choose an appointment time that suits you by clicking this link »