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This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Ashley Fenlon of Mission Rock Residential to discuss their personal approach to social media marketing for apartments and some of the biggest triumphs and faux pas they’ve had in the ever-evolving industry of multi-family real estate.

We’ve been working alongside Mission Rock for some time now and we couldn’t have asked for better clients. The innovative approach that they take to all of their projects shines through in everything that they do. And as we outlined in our recent article – ‘Why You Need to Break Up With Your Social Media Manager’ – innovation is key as residents turn to online marketing to inform all of their lifestyle and purchasing decisions.

Check out the full interview below, and scroll to the bottom of this article to see some of our favorite collaborations so far.


SMPTV: How long have you been working with SMPTV and how have they changed your social media strategy?
We’ve been partnering with Show My Property for about 7 months now. The main reason why we chose to go with Show My Property, and what has shifted our social media strategy for those communities, is the personally curated local content. The level of research the SMP team does into the region and local area allows us to build incredible partnerships with local businesses and has pivoted our focus to more of “digital word-of-mouth.”

SMPTV: Why was it important for you to work with an Outsourced Social Media Team rather than taking on the job yourself (or with the Property Manager/in-house staff)?
With my background in graphic design, I think visuals are incredibly important. Having consistent, polished content is so important from a branding perspective, but the amount of time it would take to create that brand and curate that content can be overwhelming. Partnering with Show My Property gives me the assurance that our social media feeds have the professional, branded look that we’re looking for.

SMPTV: What is the greatest benefit of using an Outsourced Social Media Team as apposed to a Property Manager/In-House Social Media Manager?
Having a partner for the day-to-day of social media management has freed up our team’s time to be able to step back and take a more global look at our digital initiatives. It opens doors for different advertising options and ties together all of the branding efforts we’ve implemented across all of our online advertising.

SMPTV: What has the highlight of working with SMPTV been?
My favorite part of onboarding a new community is the set-up call. The level of research the Show My Property team puts into the call is astonishing. The questions they ask brings up things I’d never even considered and I’ve gotten some amazing insight on new regions and comps just from the phone call alone.

SMPTV: Have you seen positive results (engagement increase or feedback etc) from the partnership?
I have seen engagement increase. Teams on site can get busy and forget to post to Facebook here and there, but by partnering with Show My Property, they’re guaranteed to have several engaging posts every week. That consistency has led to more residents interacting with our social sites on a more consistent basis.

SMPTV: How important is social media in your marketing strategy?
Social media is becoming more and more important. As the renting demographic moves into an age group that does everything online, our communities need to be present at every possible digital touchpoint those renters are making. Viewing our Facebook pages is part of the purchasing process now, so ensuring we’re not losing any of those renters at that point is critical.

SMPTV: What are some key tips you could offer to other companies developing their own marketing strategy/social media strategy in real estate?
Our industry is so different from any other, and there are a lot of social/reputation tools that have not recognized this difference. We’re not a restaurant or retail store where a customer has the option of simply not coming back. Our customers are with us for years. Any social media strategy that does not consider the same community of people viewing your content on a consistent basis is doomed from the start. Recognize the advertising opportunities that social media can give you, but don’t ignore the fact that this tool will be viewed by your residents over and over again.

SMPTV: What is the biggest faux pas you’ve made or seen when it comes to marketing in real estate?
I think the advent of social media and the difficulty of translating it into our industry created an environment where communities have been afraid to use their accounts to really connect with people. Social media is supposed to be fun and personal – not canned and corporate. I love seeing a community Facebook page where the posts and responses sound like they’re coming from a real person.

SMPTV: What does the future look like for Mission Rock?
Mission Rock is continuing to focus on growing and expanding into new markets. In the past year, we’ve entered 4 new states and plan on continuing our dedication to our residents, investors, and employees through our commitment to customer service, transparency, and respect.


Over the course of our partnership with Mission Rock Residential, they’ve witnessed an increase in engagement across all of their social channels that we manage. Not only that but, as Ashley mentions above, they’ve seen their online community and brand awareness evolve. With consistent content each week and speedy customer support, they’re able to utilize their team toward more long-term goals, shifting the focus from the menial daily tasks that once occupied much of their time.

To see some of the examples of ways in which we’ve collaborated, head over to their website and check out the images and Facebook pages for Solana Lucent Station Apartments, Norterra Canyon Apartments, and many more.


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