Why You Need Staging

Ever wondered if the money you’re spending on staging an apartment could be better spent elsewhere? Well, we’re here to tell you that it could! Residents are becoming increasingly more reliant on online research to inform their purchasing decisions so, naturally, images are now more important than ever.

For most people, it’s hard to imagine the potential a home has until they see it staged. Some property managers make the mistake of assuming that residents prefer to view an empty apartment so that they can imagine living in it any way they would like. But leasing trends have shown us that empty apartments have the opposite effect, they feel cold and uninspired, evoking no emotional response from potential residents.

As we all know, emotions drive purchasing decisions. Therefore, more images, equals more emotional attachment, equals more signed leases. And that means more cash for you!

Still not convinced?

What the Research Shows

Well, according to studies, nearly a quarter of renters eliminate a property from their search if photos or videos of the property are unavailable. Listings with pictures receive 94% more views, and tenants spend 60% of their time looking at pictures. So the bottom line is, make sure to highlight your property’s value online in order to add to the worth of your unit.

Tenants will be impressed with your unit based on pictures, whether you’re showing off your hardwood floors, high ceilings, an updated kitchen, or other amenities your unit has to offer. By showing off your unit’s value, you can justify a higher rent price.

And lastly, pictures have been shown to anchor the tenant’s opinion. If a tenant is impressed by your pictures, then they’re more likely to think the unit looks good when they see it in person.

How To Stage Without Spending a Fortune

It’s no secret that staging comes at a relatively large expense. In fact, Kyra Frankel of White Space Staging charges $500 just for a consultation and anywhere from $1,800 to $2,000 for a day of staging. And that’s before the additional cost of renting the furniture! So how do we get around the cost? Cue, Digital Staging.

Thank goodness for computer technology. Now you can stage an apartment for a fraction of the traditional method. Digi-staging takes a photograph of your empty apartment and turns it into a masterpiece. So while potential residents might not enjoy the blank canvas of an empty apartment, we certainly do.

With the same expertise of a traditional staging service, we’ve found a way to cut the costs because it’s all done over the computer. No need to carry furniture in and out, no need to choose only one apartment to stage, and no need for costly consultations and manual laborers. With digi-staging, you can either send us high-quality images yourself, or we’ll send a photographer to you, and you’ll have the rendered images back to you within days.

So, whether you want to replace traditional staging all-together, or just want to offer potential residents something to appease their imagination while you take the time it requires to physically stage a room, digi-staging is for you.





Interested in Learning More About Digi-Staging?

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