What Types of Materials Are Usually Included in a Traveling Trunk?

A traveling trunk may consist of many different learning materials that are unique to a client’s needs, but there are some more common items that are found in many trunks. These materials may include the following: 3-D models, cassette tapes, videotapes, CDs/DVDs, books, journals, craft materials, costumes, science experiments, puppets, and artwork. Of course, all of these materials are accompanied by lesson plans that tie together the lessons for the teacher. The lesson plans are bound and include appendixes that address the learning styles and teaching methods utilized in each lesson. A final appendix clearly aligns the lessons to either state educational standards, national educational standards, or both.

How Can My Nonprofit Organization Benefit from Purchasing a Traveling Trunk?

The concept of traveling trunks appeals to many grant foundations. The granters appreciate the fact many students can come in contact with the learning materials of a traveling trunk for a relatively low fee. This means a greater impact is had with the grant monies spent. Traveling trunks also lend themselves well to being a part of a sustainable learning program, which is a highly desirable feature that is sought after by many granters. First Thought Traveling Trunks has worked successfully with clients using grant monies to create traveling trunks that help build their educational programs.

How Does a School or Youth Organization Request to Borrow a Trunk?

First Thought Traveling Trunks provides initial contact with local school districts, homeschool associations, and youth organizations in your area. This provides potential trunk users with information regarding the trunk’s contents and curriculum objectives. Parties interested in borrowing the trunk are also informed of the procedure you have developed for lending your trunk at this time. Traveling trunks are generally lent to schools, homeschool associations, and youth organizations. The trunks are shipped from your central office to the party requesting them. Generally, the group borrowing the trunk pays for all shipping costs.

Why Are Traveling Trunks an Educational Tool My Organization Should Consider?

Research has consistently shown the positive impact hands-on learning has in developing a deeper understanding of learning objectives. These experiences open the door to the development of higher-order thinking skills and create a strong foundation of knowledge. Imagine the impact a traveling trunk, designed to meet the educational needs of your organization, may have in the classroom. Students will be exposed to the real-life learning your trunk has to offer, rather than the more common hypothetical learning situation. This is the type of learning that will stay with them for a lifetime and it is about what you have decided is important to know! How can use a traveling trunk as a part of our educational program help to reduce our educational costs?
Traveling trunks are an economic way to maximize the money allotted to education by your organization. We are hired to create a long-lasting educational program, without the costs usually associated with an in-house, full-time educator.

What Is the Process for Developing a Trunk?

One of First Thought Traveling Trunks’ strengths as an educational consulting service is that we create a curriculum to meet the particular learning needs of your organization. Our educational consultants work in tandem with your organization to develop the exact learning objectives that will drive the design of your trunk. We ask the question, “What exactly would you like learners to know when they have completed the lessons in your trunk?” The answer to this question is what our consultants use as a backbone in your trunk design. Once the objectives are established, our consultants research the current information and teaching strategies that will make this knowledge best accessed by the learner. They formulate an outline of lesson plans and determine a set of hands-on materials that will augment the lessons. This information is presented to you and you are given an opportunity to review it and make changes. After the outline and materials are accepted, the educational consultant begins to create your trunk. Once a trunk is completed, it is sent to you and the initial contact with local schools, homeschool associations, and youth organizations is made. Your traveling trunk is ready to begin bringing your outside knowledge into the classroom!

How Have Different Organizations Used Their Traveling Trunks in the Past?

The main purpose of traveling trunks is to have their contents used in the classroom. Yet, there are many other uses for traveling trunks that have been explored. National youth organizations, such as the Girl Scouts, 4-H, and the Boy’s Club have used their curricula to enhance their learning experiences. Traveling trunks are also excellent visual aids and can be used as displays for trade shows, county fairs, and conferences.

What Are the Costs Associated with Designing and Creating a Traveling Trunk?

The cost of designing and creating a traveling trunk is unique to each situation. There is a standard fee charged for educational consulting, but the cost of the trunk’s contents may vary greatly. Your organization has the option of setting a budget concerning the learning materials, and our educational consultants will strive to meet that budget. Please view the cost page to determine the fees normally associated with the other aspects of trunk design and creation.

Why Is It So Important to Use an Educational Consultant in Designing a Traveling Trunk?

Contrary to popular belief, the best methods of learning and teaching are not rote memorization. A strong curriculum relies on building activities that allow the application and synthesis of new knowledge to be scaffolded and built upon in a logical manner. This is a difficult task that requires thoughtful reflection and a background in education. All our consultants have attained at least a master’s in the field of education and are viewed as leaders in their profession. They know how to design lessons for maximum impact, where to get the materials, and have the experience required to build a trunk that is going to withstand the use and abuse of many students. Their knowledge is invaluable. First Thought Traveling Trunks also aligns its curriculum to state and, or national standards. Many schools will not even accept outside curriculum unless it meets this requirement.

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