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Edit #2
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Client notes on Edit #1:
Do you have any footage that shows our project in the background? From the Lake? On the trails? Please see below from our Director of Development.
“Doubt anything can be done now but to me it would have been nice to show the property in the background as much as possible, on the water in the sailboat, walking around the lake, on the greenway, maybe giving context to the retail spaces that are visited.”


Edit #1
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Client notes on Review Cut:
0:17 More kitchen, appliances etc…
0:22 cut first scene of drinking coffee – fill in with above ie shots of kitchen and appliances
0:28 more views of scenery
0:31 find other shot of kayak’s with no fence
0:45 She’s wearing sunglasses inside. Please swap out with shots of her wearing no sunglasses in shop – we have this footage.
1:04 cut her drinking coffee inside (EXT: keep her going into coffee shop)
Keep kitchen shop where couple is walking and she is pointing
Keep apple store – see how this works timeline wise.
1:40 cut three walking together


Review Cut
(password: watchvideo)