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Refining Local Search

Refining Local Search

As the prominence of local search results grows, and more and more businesses come on board, Google continues to implement plans to make local search more effective….

Is The Mobile Web An Internet Killer

Is The Mobile Web An Internet Killer

We all know that the mobile web is growing at an alarming rate, but did you know that it is growing at a rate that is eight…

What Is SEO Going To Bring

What Is SEO Going To Bring

Well, this is my first blog post since August, and the first thing I can tell you is that 2014 is going to bring a revival, lots…

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Google

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Google

How I came to work at Google in digital marketing Near the end of my time in sixth form, everyone was fretting about which University would accept…

Facebook's Online

Facebook’s Online Advertising System

In the previous chapter, we’ve mentioned that Microsoft’s investment seems like it’s been done just to ensure the brokering of Microsoft ads and search engines on the…

Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Basic SEO Thinking – A Must Have

SEO has become so much important in the world of internet business today. Without proper search engine optimization, you can never expect to reach the goal. First…

Google My Business

How to Benefit from all features in Google My Business

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is a crucial step in your business’s local SEO strategy. By ensuring that your Google My Business listing is correctly claimed…

Guest Blogging

Great Post Otherwise This Particular Tactic is

The Disavow Tool Yes, I think this tool will continue to be heavily used, simply because it works. I do think Google will come out with an…