Syndicated Article Marketing: the Future of SEO

Ever heard of link building? Have you heard that it’s one of the most important (if not THE most important) elements affecting your current rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing? You heard right. Have you heard of brand building, viral content, and social media marketing? Maybe. It’s ok if you haven’t, these are newer terms that are only now taking over mainstream media. Have you ever heard of syndicated web content? No? Don’t feel bad, you’re not far behind.

What is Syndicated Article Marketing

Syndicated article marketing is the best thing since sliced bread! Seriously. Syndicated article marketing is a process in which we create unique, topical content about a product or service offered by a business. The article is then distributed across a nationwide network of regional news websites, archived, and stored on the sites for a minimum of 4 months, and most of the sites will archive the articles indefinitely.

Secondarily, the article is also distributed to the 10,000 newspaper editors nationwide, including 2/3 of the top 100 daily newspapers in the country. The article is featured in the appropriate section of the newspaper, e.g. a health article is featured in the health section, and an article about sporting goods would be featured in the sports section. While newspaper distribution doesn’t give any direct SEO benefit, it is a great tool for creating brand awareness and generating buzz offline, which tends to spill over to the web as people try to learn more about the article’s topic.

Why is Syndicated Article Marketing an Excellent Link-Building Tool for SEO?

Ahh, the meat in the stew. The reason that we offer this service. Syndicated Article Marketing may very well be the future of SEO link-building. When an article is distributed to our network (over 500 guaranteed web placements) your website is receiving over 500 inbound links, from relevant, trusted websites that are typically in the PR range of 5-8. These are highly valuable links that are quickly recognized by search engines.

In addition to the sheer volume of links from quality websites, the links are made using targeted anchor text. There are 3 keyword-based links included in every article. After typically one article, a client will rank in the top 10 for those keywords within 30 days. There are very few if any, ways to build that kind of link volume and quality without violating some of the search engine’s webmaster guidelines. Viral Marketing can generate this quantity of links in a short amount of time, but is far more difficult to coordinate and build, due to the reliance on social networks.

Why is SAM a Great Tool for Building Your Brand Online?

As the web becomes more social, so do the search engines. Their ability to remain relevant in a newer, highly social web depends on their ability to integrate and mine the social networks for quality signals and popular content. Our articles are written in a manner that lends itself well to social distribution and sharing, thus giving them a built-in viral component that can be very powerful.

Because our articles are written in a manner that is informative, has broad, targeted reach, and doesn’t come across as a sales pitch. The readers have an interest in the subject because it appears in columns that they regularly read, and because they are not being sold they are open to reading and absorbing the content. This allows for an informative article that educates the reader on your products and services without an overall sales pitch. They are led to the water, and given the opportunity to drink. If they choose to do so, they can follow the simple link contained in the closing paragraph to learn more information.

Sounds Great! What Does Syndicated Article Marketing Cost?

Not for the thin wallet, SAM does cost a relatively large amount for the small business. Spending a minimum of $5000 on an article, regardless of the distribution is a lot for the average business owner to swallow. However, when you consider that your $5000 is going to net you well over $25,000 of national business advertising, brand building, and SEO value, Syndicated Article Marketing is a steal. $5000 would barely net you 500 (quality) links alone if you were to buy them individually from directories, link brokers, bloggers, or other link-building services. In the end, deciding whether or not to utilize Syndicated Articles as part of your overall marketing plan will largely depend on your marketing budget, your products and services, and your geographic presence. Some industries will see a much greater benefit from SAM than others.

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