This guide was created based on feedback we have received from our client on what they are specifically looking for in their videos. We have included excerpts from past completed videos to illustrate the guidelines for our videographers and editors. You can view the videos in their entirety at the bottom of this page.


-Shoot normal action in full 1080p 1:1 square pixels, 24fps
-Shoot high-speed action (slow motion effect) at 1080p 60fps (720p at 60 fps is acceptable if your camera can’t do full HD at that framerate)
-Shoot interior spaces and detail inserts with a wide (<25mm) lens to emphasize space.
-Shoot with a narrow depth of field (client likes foreground and background blur)
-Deliver final video with 24 black handle frames on each side (1 second of black at beginning and end of video)

Style Guide:

The overall vibe we are aiming for in these videos is young, casual, and energetic, but with a polished and professional technical presentation. Colors and textures should be rich, camera movements should be dynamic with a good mix of steady motion and hand-held.

Speed/Rhythm – Overall, the tempo should feel energetic and upbeat with some slower, sporadic “rests” in between. The provided music has some natural rhythmic variations that should act as a good guide for this. Don’t forget to get some slower pans, Steadicam, etc shots to allow the video to rest when necessary, as well as lots of detail insert shots of action (i.e. close-ups of hands typing on keyboard, feet on treadmill, barbecue grilling, etc)

Shooting The Property: When shooting the “empty” rooms without students, use smooth sweeping camera movements that emphasize the spaciousness of the locations.

Shake/Blur/Rack Focus –When filming students, shoot with a narrow depth of field and try to achieve a hand-held look. Also feel free to rack focus to add some in-frame motion to your shots.

Staging/Direction: We want the students to appear natural in their interactions. Try to avoid “staging” shots, i.e. a group of students hanging out should not be arranged in a semicircle facing the camera as if it were a sitcom. Think “The Office” instead of “Friends.”

Music: The final video will be edited to match up with this song:

The rhythm/tempo of the video is very important to our client; the song has a very steady beat along with some instrumental breaks and builds/falls. Your footage should have this same variety of tempos to allow you the maximum freedom when assembling your edit. Pay attention to the rhythm of the music when cutting and try to match your visuals to the lyrical content of the song wherever possible (i.e. “Walking down the sidewalk…” should be accompanied by a shot of a group of students walking somewhere, etc.)

Misc – Sometimes, there may be no people in the shot at all but the camera movement creates action. A camera panning across a property exterior or moving through doorway into a model apartment bedroom can add a calm, slow breath to an otherwise fast-paced video.


Please call your Show My Property TV producer if you have any questions about this style guide or any other aspect of your video shoot.