Social Media: Tips and Tricks

Social media stars like Kylie Jenner post on pretty much every social media platform there is, and influencers are becoming ever more present in everyone’s day-to-day life. Their platform allows them to be successful with anything they venture into, from book sales to apps. This type of influence is a very powerful force, and companies with seemingly ‘boring’ traits are taking the hint and are creating an increasingly large online presence.

Take ‘Maersk‘ as an example. Maersk is the largest container ship and supply vessel operator in the world. Not the most exciting subject, but their social media accounts are something that should be admired. At 55,000 followers, Maersk reels in the followers with posts about current affairs and relates them back to shipping. The brand interacts with its followers, retweeting images of its ships – something that seems a lot of people is into. Another example of a very respectable social media account is Staples US. Racking up an impressive 322,000 followers, Staples US knows how to engage its audience. With posts ranging from Pandora playlists to competitions, its followers have fallen hook, line, and sinker.

Here are some tips you could utilize to help you engage your audience to maximize your social media accounts:

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds surprisingly comes in three parts: promote, share, and converse.
Promote – This is the obvious one. Promoting your own content through your social media channels. Try to keep your posts more personal as your followers are less likely to retweet something that looks like it comes from a robot.

Share – This is where you may retweet other accounts’ posts. This is a good way of making your timeline more diverse. Having other content on your timeline other than your own, makes your brand seem truly interested and passionate about the subject, rather than just solely promoting your own content.

Converse – Communicating with your followers is a big one. Interacting with their posts can engage your audience and make them more likely to also engage in your own posts. Listen to what your followers are saying and take their advice on what they want to see on your timeline. Also, if you are directly responding to a follower, try to include your own initials at the end to make the post more personal and that it is coming from a real person.

Reactive Social Media

Reactive social media is more fun than most other kinds of posts you will share. Reacting to a positive world event and sharing something related to your brand can increase your traffic exponentially.Straight away, they with an image of a single Oreo against a black background. Racking up over 15,000 retweets, this was very popular in the arena at the time. This is because, in events like these, the public generally goes straight to social media to find out what’s going on.

User-Generated Content

Studies show that engagements increase by 28% when followers are exposed to both professional content and user-generated content. Many social media accounts like GoPro, and RedBull utilize user-generated content to show how people use their products and what it can result in. This is a great way to curate an Instagram page full of interesting and diverse images.

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