Social Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking is the link-building tool of today. Sure there are other ways to build links, but those other ways do not bring in the same amount of traffic to your website or blog that social bookmarking does. It’s like link-building on steroids. It works! Everyone talks about how many people search using Google, MSN, or Yahoo and what percentage of the search traffic each of these major search engines control. But today, many people search through blog search websites like Technorati or through social bookmarking and social networking websites like Digg and StumbleUpon.

Manual Social Bookmarking

The amount of search traffic through these websites is estimated to be as much as half of all search traffic. Many people open up their browsers to their favorite social bookmarking website rather than their favorite search engine. Social Networking is now an integral part of any Internet marketing Plan or SEO Strategy. Professional Social Bookmarking Service

Social Bookmarking Service Details

Do not try to use automated software to bookmark your website or blog to social bookmarking websites. People will find out and they will flag your bookmarks and many of these social networking sites will ban your domain name from using their service. Social bookmarking and social networking have to be done manually. It must be a human being who makes friends to share their bookmarks with and who participates actively in the network. We have people who do this full-time and they know which social bookmarking sites match your topic the best.

Daily Social Bookmarking

This is an ongoing process. Using social bookmarking once and forgetting it will not help you much if any at all. You need fresh content daily and you need to have that fresh content shared on social networks daily. You will see your traffic and the popularity of your website or blog rise in leaps and bounds if you do it right. There are no shortcuts. Our Social Bookmarking Professionals share your fresh content with others daily on many different social bookmarking websites.

Fresh Content

Fresh content that will attract people who use social bookmarking websites is essential to a good social bookmarking strategy. We can help with that also. We currently manage many company blogs for clients and add daily content to many of their websites daily. So we are more than just a social bookmarking company. We create a strategy that helps you with your search engine optimization as well.

Social Bookmarking Service Prices and Packages

Social Bookmarking Service Only – If you already add content to your website or blog daily and only need us to do daily social bookmarking for you the cost is just $100 per month. Social Bookmarking plus Daily Blog Content – Our Professional Bloggers write fresh original daily content for your blog on any topic and optimize each blog post for your keywords which helps you rank better in the search engines.

Then we bookmark every single blog post on one of several social bookmarking websites to attract visitors and build links. We do not use the same social network every day so we are not “spamming” the social bookmarking websites. This blog posting and social bookmarking service run just $300 per month. We will be glad to answer any questions you have

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